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20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Series 2 Review

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20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Series 2 Review

Did you have a Tamagotchi when you were a child? I remember these toys being so popular back when I was young and when I heard that the new Series 2 Chibi Tamagotchi was out in celebration of 20 years of Tamagotchi, I knew my daughter would just love this.

In fact, last week Sylvia was sent a Chibi Tamagotchi Gift box which contained a new series 2 Tamagotchi, a super cute owners certificate and an awesome Tamagotchi T-shirt.

I was able to tell Sylvia about the Tamagotchi and we went online to look at videos to give her an idea of what it’s like to own a virtual pet.

Sylvia became super excited once she got her Tamagotchi working and was able to come up with a name for her new pet. She called her pinky.

I think it’s really exciting and nostalgic when old toys come back new and better and this is one toy that is going to be popular in my home.

Sylvia thinks it’s great having a virtual pet. She is so super excited to have her first Tamagotchi and I’m really pleased for her. Childhood is fun and owning a virtual pet makes it even better. As the t-shirt says, “life was a lot easier when the only thing  had to take care of was my Tamagotchi. I think it’s true.


*We were sent the Tamagotchi gift box to review.

Tamagotchi Chibi Digital Pet (one random piece)Tamagotchi Chibi Digital Pet (one random piece)



  1. I was going to say I can’t believe Tamagotchi’s are 20 years old but I had them when I was little and I’m 23! I love that they are back “in fashion” now! xo

  2. OMG! I used to have so many of these little things! (Can you tell I’m a real 90s kid? lol) I’m so glad they’re making a comeback so kids these days can join in the fun!

    I hope Sylvia is still looking after her virtual pet 😉

    Oliver x

  3. I remember this toy from when I was younger. Pinky is a great name. I’ll have to give this a look and see if my daughter would like her own virtual pet.

  4. Haha this brought back good memories! I remember when Tamagotchi is all the rage, and it was really super fun. I want my kids to experience it too! Thanks for reminding me of this great toy!

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