Amazon FBA Tips to Save Time and Money

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Are Amazon’s distribution centers rejecting your pallets? Have you wasted a lot of money replacing lost inventory or repackaging?

Errors in stacking, packing, and labeling can lead to the rejection of pallet loads of goods by strict warehouses. This can cause delays for you and your customers, which is going to cost money.

Amazon FBA Tips to Save Time and Money
Amazon FBA Tips to Save Time and Money


So you’ve marketed your business well and are getting people buying things from your amazon site via leads from social media, organic traffic or pay per click marketing like here. The next big step is to ensure your Amazon FBA is as smooth as possible.

You Can Avoid These Problems and Save Yourself Money.

An Amazon FBA seller can avoid headaches by using the following packing tips that are going to ensure the pallets are going to be accepted the first time.

One way to avoid costly delays with the processing of Amazon pallets is to minimize errors. Make sure you follow the following rules so you don’t have to stress and waste money because of warehouse rejections and expensive delays.

Calibrating Your Weighing Station

You can avoid repackaging delays and rejections by making sure that individual items, pallets, and cartons are within the recommended weight ranges that Amazon has set. Regularly calibrating the weighing station is going to help you avoid errors.

The cartons should be 30 kgs and below and the pallets need to be under 500 kgs. Going above this is going to result in it being rejected, which leads to delays.

A carton that weighs 15-30kgs should have a clear label with “Heavy Carton” on it. This label has to be visible from both the side and top view of the box.

Make sure that the total pallet height isn’t above 1.8m, which also includes the height of the standard four-way access pallet when cartons are stacked upon.

Being Smart With Packaging and Box Stacking

Stagger the stack instead of pilling the boxes on top of each other. This will provide additional strength to the pile which will reduce the risk of collapse.

If boxes collapse, it leads to delays. When items arrive at the warehouse, products that aren’t packaged correctly can be opened and then re-packaged at your expense.

If you have not safely packaged hazardous items, you risk non-compliance fines.

Always use clear shrink wrapping when the wood pallet is completed. Using black wrapping is an easy way to get rejected, and it is done at your expense.

The boxes can go through the warehouse fine, but it is important to make sure that the items are safe for transit to your customer. When an item is damaged during a collapse, the customers are going to be unhappy. This can end up ruining your reputation.

Customers are not going to buy from you if they think you cannot deliver the products in one piece. Make sure the items are packaged to avoid such problems.

Checking your barcodes and labels 

There are rules you have to follow when it comes to labels and barcodes that go through Amazon warehouse fulfillment. You can lose your orders or inventory, delays, and even punishment from Amazon.

The barcodes that are visible should be those for Amazon. They should be on a flat surface to make it easy to scan. Making your own barcodes visible will delay things because the scanner used at the warehouse rejects the boxes. Make sure you keep this in mind to avoid expensive delays.

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