AI Writing Tools vs. Assignment Writing Services: Who Is Better at Writing?

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Studying is rarely an easy task. As time passes, you tend to remember only the fun stuff from your student years. Ultimately, you can easily recall partying till the morning, accomplishing something study-wise, and making your first career steps. What your memory omits is the hardship of those years.

Aside from certain disciplines you struggle with, you might have problems balancing between your studies and odd jobs that allow you to pay rent and tuition. That is the reason why you check this or that essayservice review or any other assignment writing service review and see that the service corresponds to your needs. 

Online academic helpers frequently allow students to break out of their limbo, torn between odd jobs and studies. But nowadays, thanks to artificial intelligence, trying to make friends with time doesn’t have to involve humans. You can use an AI writing tool to accomplish your assignment writing. 

However, knowledgeable people recommend using the tools to speed up the process rather than relying on them completely. Check out who provides better writing: human experts or AI tools.

AI Writing Tools vs. Assignment Writing Services

AI Writing Assistant Usage: Benefits and Disadvantages

While the talks about AI-written text go all the way back to the 1960s, OpenAI opened the floodgates of discussing the potential and ethical aspects of letting tools write for you. Of course, tools like ChatGPT are fun to use to generate some brief texts. It was only a question until AI writing tools were used for academic purposes. 

The idea of having a computer do the work for you is quite suggestive, but things may turn out not as simple as they seem. We suggest checking out the pros & cons of using AI to see that.


  • Most AI-driven apps for writing can be used for free, although some offer limited functionality in a free mode.
  • AI writing apps generally have an intuitive design, so users can easily navigate the interface and figure out the functionality without spending hours over the manual.
  • The tool takes seconds to produce a text based on the user’s instructions.


  • Even the best AI writing tools cannot produce creative and original texts. Even when copying the writing style of the users, the tool ends up with underwhelming outputs.
  • The rise of the writing tools caused the rise of AI detectors that can easily spot whether a human or AI wrote the text.
  • Speed doesn’t guarantee quality. The tool searches for source materials based on the keywords in your instructions, and some of those materials can be questionable.
  • Unlike an assignment writing service, the tool doesn’t bother to fact-check the information that it produces.
  • The tools are superb for brief text, but they struggle to deliver compelling, complex texts that require a lot of analysis and research.
  • Any kind of technology is prone to errors and glitches. A glitching tool can go off-topic or produce obtuse text that requires serious revisions.

Assignment Writing Services Usage: Benefits and Drawbacks

An AI writing tool can be useful when working on the assignment independently. When you’re struggling with particular paragraphs or the overall structure, you can opt for the tool. If you need your work done without your involvement, then, as most users would suggest, you should opt for a good old assignment writing service. 

Human academic helpers existed before the Internet and successfully transitioned online. But are they trustworthy? Let’s look at their strong and weak sides to figure it out.


  • While AI tools can copy your writing style, it’s a far cry from the customized assignment writing help you can get from human experts. Aside from following your instructions, they understand the task based on their experience.
  • You can expect zero plagiarism, as experts know how to avoid it. Besides, you can always request a plagiarism report to ensure the text is unique.
  • Confidentiality is an integral part of online academic helpers. Thus, the users don’t have to fear the leak of their personal or financial data.
  • Most online academic helpers can handle various services, from simple high school tasks to complex work like dissertations.
  • When ordering from an online service, you can find an expert with a degree in the field that corresponds to your subject.
  • Human experts working on your assignment can provide valuable insights you can use while pursuing the degree.


  • Unlike ChatGPT or other tools, human-driven services cannot accomplish tasks within seconds. The minimum deadline ranges from three to six hours.
  • People may be more trustworthy than machines, but you must check and revise the text to ensure it corresponds to your requirements.
  • Unlike the tools, services don’t offer help for free, although they set reasonable prices that students on a budget can afford.

What Can Be Said About Tools and Services Reputation-Wise?

The fact that assignment help services have been around for decades can easily turn the debate into old vs. new. However, the question is deeper than that. The services have a reputation for being trustworthy. Yes, there are cases when human experts miss the deadline, or the text doesn’t correspond to the initial instructions, but those are just cases, not common practice. 

The OpenAI app and other tools may do the work quickly but not completely, given that ChatGPT has a 4000-character limit. It may work well for school assignments, but undergraduates require writing more than 1000 words. And you can always get expelled for submitting AI-written tasks. So, the reputation of AI-driven tools is yet to stand the test of time. 

Closing Thoughts

Yes, AI writing can be useful when working on your assignment independently and wanting to speed up the process. Let it create bits of text or provide ideas on how your work can unfold. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on it completely due to AI’s limited capabilities and AI detectors that can get you expelled. 

Suppose you want to have your task done with a higher chance of submitting it without revisions on your side. In that case, you should use an assignment writing service like essay service review so that the human experts will craft impeccable work closely following your instructions. 

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