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For those of you who have been following my journey with Adrenal Insufficiency, you may recall my fight to access the Adrenal pump, a treatment known as subcutaneous hydrocortisone infusion therapy.

It’s been an ongoing battle and we did all we could to get me onto the treatment. This involved 3 years of searching for a Doctor, saving every penny we had and travelling to London many times.

Over a year ago, I successfully began treatment for the adrenal pump. It has significantly helped me. Especially in learning to manage my condition better and quickly treating low cortisol episodes so I do not end up in hospital.

Before the pump I had 22 stays in hospital. Whilst I have needed extra medication regularly and have continued to be unwell, I have managed to stay out of hospital for Adrenal Insufficiency. I have saved the NHS (our public health system) hundreds of thousands and this pump has helped me treat myself when heading towards Adrenal crisis.

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Today I wanted to share a video about the pump. It is a detailed explanation and demonstration of exactly how the pump works for me and how it helps me.

I have 3 new goals which I am working towards in regards to my health and the adrenal pump.

1 – To continue to spread awareness for Adrenal Insufficiency and advocate for the adrenal pump in the hope it will one day be available to many more of us suffering from Adrenal Insufficiency.

2- For me to raise the funds for a new pump. I am currently using a second hand one which could fail at any time.

3- To get my pump supplies funded by the NHS so It is not such a burden on my family. 

So here is the video I have made. Please do share and help me with my efforts to raise more awareness for my condition and the need for the adrenal pump to be available to many more.


I hope you like my video.

Angela x

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