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Have you ever thought about fun ways to inspire your kids around the world and wonder of engineering? Well the school holidays are a perfect time to get kids involved in engineering activities and I’m really excited to share with you our engineering experiments and projects that we have been testing out during the school holidays.

Our first week of the school holidays has been lovely. We have been spending time at home, chilling out, baking and testing out fun experiments. Yes my daughter Sylvia is at an age where she is keen to learn new things.

In fact Sylvia has used quite a few bottles of shampoo, shaving foam and food colouring this week as she has created slime and taken part in the Holiday Makers campaign to celebrate the Year of Engineering.

Teach Engineering To Kids 

The Year of Engineering is a Government campaign that sets out to change our perceptions of engineering, showing parents how creative, varied and fun a career in engineering might be.

I have to admit I didn’t know too much about the career 6 months ago but we have been taking part in more experiments and attending more engineering themed events and it’s been a great learning curve for all of us.

little miss inventor from mr men

Children Are Natural Engineers

So last week I read that children are natural engineers. Kids love to problem solve, explore the world around them and are often curious about how things work.

We visited the Holiday Makers Website to learn more about Engineering and to check out fun ideas and activities to try in the Summer holidays. The Holiday Makers website is brilliant. There are events you can attend and some fantastic resources including:

  • Free and exciting Events and days out across the uk
  • Free activities to do at home, in the garden and at the beach
  • Weekly challenges with prizes up for grabs
  • Video tutorials which teach about engineering from a child’s perspective.

I was really impressed with the Holiday Makers website and enjoyed reading and watching videos with my  daughter Sylvia.

Changing My View On Engineering

Previously I thought engineering was about building a structure such as a car park or making sure a building was stable. I guess my knowledge was pretty limited. I now know that there are so many different areas of engineering and that it’s actually a lot more fun and interesting than I realised.

I have always been a “how to” person and love learning how things are made and created. That’s something I love to do as a blogger and I guess in a way I engineer a blog and share have been actually sharing engineering ideas here on The Inspiration Edit without even realising it.

little miss inventor from mr men

Engineering Can Stimulate Learning And Is Entertaining

I did not realise just how fun taking part in engineering can be for kids, especially for my daughter Sylvia. As we took part in activities this week, watched videos and created our own fun experiments Sylvia and I were both able to learn new things and keep entertained at the same time.

Here is a brilliant video which shares just what engineering is all about and is great to share with kids.

Home Experiments to Inspire Young Minds

We tested out two experiments and activities of the week which we found on The Holiday Makers website. The first experiment was using water herbs and washing up liquid.

Sylvia poured water onto a saucer and scattered herbs. We then added saw how the water and herbs were able to be separated using a solution such as washing up liquid. The experiment taught us how sewage is cleaned and how engineers separate water and materials to clean our water.

This was a fantastic experiment which Sylvia really enjoyed doing.

The next experiment which was even more fun involved milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. This experiment can really teach engineering well and teaches how engineers remove oil from the sea to protect ocean creatures and the environment.

Sylvia poured milk onto a saucer and then added drops of food colouring. This represented the oil in water. She then tried to move the oil using her finger. Nothing happened.

Next Sylvia dipped a little washing up liquid onto her finger. The colouring dispersed in the same way oil would. It was a great experiment and lots of fun.

This week we will be looking at the latest holiday makers challenges which include the Code Cracker Challenge. You may want to pop over to the website to check it out.

Visit The Holiday Makers Website For More Fun Engineering Ideas

Visit The Holiday Makers Website For More Fun Engineering Ideas

Taking part in the Year of Engineering Holiday Makers campaign has certainly been fun and we have learnt so much. You can find new challenges each week to keep the kids busy this Summer.

In fact, if you visit the events page on The Holiday Makers website you can look up local events which are fun and promote engineering for kids.

There are plenty of opportunities for kids to enjoy engineering in the Summer holidays including the CIHT Transport exhibition a Key Stage 2 exhibition that explores future careers in transport and engineering. This is on right through the Summer Holidays in Birmingham and could be a great day out with the kids. 

You may also want to visit the Future Engineers “hands on activities” events that are taking place in York from 9am to 5pm on the 27 October to the 4th November this year. It sounds amazing.

In fact, we recently attended a super fun event at the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology a while back to celebrate the launch of Little Miss Inventor. Sylvia got to meet University students studying Engineering and had so much fun taking part in new and exciting experiments.

Why not give engineering activities a go these Summer holidays and during the rest of 2018? The activities on The Holiday Makers website teach engineering basics whilst encouraging fun in the home? It’s a great idea for the summer holidays. We have enjoyed these activities and I’m sure you will too.


I’m working with BritMums promoting #TheHolidayMakers campaign, sponsored by The Year of Engineering. It’s all about getting children excited about engineering with fun and stimulating activities that will keep them engaged all summer long.

Check out to find activities for your child, including challenges in which they could win cool prizes!”

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