About Me

Hi, my name is Angela Milnes, I’m a previous Early Years Teacher, Mother and Family Lifestyle Blogger. I live in Lancashire with my husband John, daughter Sylvia and our pet dogs Yoda and Casper. 

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This is a family lifestyle blog sharing our life and experiences as a family affected by Adrenal Insufficiency and Chronic Illness. I love to share my stories and experiences about my on going health and weight loss journey.

As a previous early years teacher, I have a passion for teaching kids and learning through play. We enjoy sharing fun family ideas that extend children’s learning and help parents and children build lasting relationships. We love fun travel adventures, share parenting tips and fantastic crafty ideas.

Life as a parent and mother with chronic health issues is not easy but I do my best and The Inspiration Edit is a great way of journaling and recording my journey, our achievements and progress.

We hope you enjoy visiting the blog and find lots of useful information to help you in your own health and/ or parenting journey.

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Angela Milnes x