Dr Deborah Brunt

About Dr Deborah Brunt

Hi my name is Dr Deborah Brunt, I am a Mother, Wife and Family Doctor. I  was born in the United Kingdom but have spent most of my adult life living and working in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2007 I graduated with a Masters of Health Science (Paediatrics). My thesis focused on the health and nutrition of infants and toddlers. I graduated a year later with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBCHB).


Marriage and Education

I have been married for 14 years. I met my sweetheart Tane in Auckland. He has been my rock supporting me through medical school and is a fantastic husband and father.



Our Children

My first two children are boys. Joshua is 12 years old and Joseph is 10. I then had Annamaria in 2007, followed by Ella-Rose and finally Lily who is currently in her terrible two’s (but she of all the children’s has been the least terrible).



In 2015 baby Eve joined the family. I am currently on maternity leave and home schooling my children. I am so excited to be joining Angela my sister on Daysinbed.com. I look forward to sharing my experiences and parenting tips as a mother and home school parent.


I am passionate about helping families. We all need support as we juggle our various roles in life. I know that being a parent changed my life in many ways. There are always hiccups and unexpected twists and turns. If any little pearl of wisdom I share can help you – then you have made my day.

My other passion is, of course, health. In our modern era where we have ‘instant’ messaging and ‘fast ’food, many people also want an instant fix to their health, often depending on doctors and health providers. I prefer to empower people to do all they can do to ‘heal thyself’. Whether it be through nutrition, exercise, meditation or natural remedies there is much YOU can do to improve the health of yourself and your family. I will also be writing some fabulous articles on Mother, Baby and child health.


Things I Love

I love my family. I love going on long walks with them. I love camping and skiing (when I’m not the one holding the baby). I love gardening – and even better – eating nutritious food from my own garden. I love reading the classics to myself and my children, and then laughing about funny antics or quotes from them later. I love snuggling with my newborn babies and my not-so-newborn big kids.

Thanks for visiting Daysinbed.com

Deborah Brunt xx


  1. Loving reading your blog Ang & Deborah, have learned stuff already from both of you. My mum has also been quoting you guys. Your kids are growing up so fast! & they’re all super cute 🙂

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