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A whole lot of Banana’s Making Money From Nothing

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A whole lot of Banana’s Making Money From Nothing

All my life I have had trial after trial, difficulty after difficulty. Not only did I go to High school and University, I’ve also attended “The school of hard knocks’. These experiences and difficulties have really helped me to grow and become a better and “new and improved” version of myself.

Each trial I have, though difficult to bear is truly a blessing in disguise. At 26 I was healthy, happily married and working as a head teacher for ABC Learning Centres. 

At 27 my marriage failed, I became a single mother of a little baby was too unwell to work and went straight back to being under the poverty line leaving me struggling to make ends meet. 

I returned to my country of Birth, the UK to have a fresh start and due to my illness and inability to go out to work, we’ve continued to have very little in terms of finances and income.

When things got really hard, I used to keep one eye on the ground looking out for pennies to help stretch my money further. I really did struggle and this forced me to become creative and find ways to make money from nothing!

Increasing my Income

I started by searching for bargains from Charity shops and the market to resell on eBay. This really seemed to work for me and I was doing really well. I borrowed £100 from myself and once I made the cash back, I gave it back! I then used the small money I’d made to buy more and that just kept growing and growing. After six months I’d made hundreds of sales and created a small business. I had every intention to keep going however due to my chronic health issues, I had to stop. I could no longer get out to the shops. When I use my larger muscles I’m in pain for hours. I find it hard to walk. I use a wheelchair a lot.

I can stand up and I can walk, but not without suffering for it afterwards. I don’t want to use a wheelchair but the harsh reality is, I need to reserve physical energy for more essential tasks so I don’t always have a choice.

Anyway my eBay business had to stop..and I focussed on trying to fix my health and learn to manage. In a way I’m kind of pleased I gave it up as I found ebay tedious and boring. 

The only issue when I stopped Ebay was I was left with many second hand items which I needed to get rid of. I went and did a car boot sale with my bestie Esther from Inside Out and About. We had a fab time and made quite a bit of cash. Here’s a picture of us selling all our Junk. It was a bit of a bad hair day! lol.

car boot sale whitwood west yorkshire


I still had a lot of junk in my home in boxes and suitcases. It’s literally taken me another two years to get rid of everything. I’ve been unwell so my husband has put things for sale on local face book groups and “re-home it” pages. This has really helped us out when times have been tough.

John saved all the money from selling things and used it to purchase a Nikon Camera. We would never had afforded it another way and a good camera is a great thing to have when your a blogger!

Learning to stretch what you have

Being on a low income has taught me to find ways to make money. However it’s not all about increasing the cash flow. It’s just as important to learn how to stretch what you have.

We tend to buy foods in Bulk. We try to cook large meals in bulk and then divide it into smaller meals to refreeze. (This saves money and time and we have lot’s of  ready meals available incase I’m admitted to hospital and John is left to do everything).

We like to buy marked down bread. Asda have some great mark down prices at times and John pops in from time to time to see what he can find! The day before Easter, we got 15 loafs of Warbutons bread for 10p per pack. (20 Cents-for my NZ Friends). We stuck in in the freezer and bought some more to share with a friend. One of my favourite items to get marked down are banana’s.

PicMonkey Collage copy 3

I love buying cheap Banana’s. Sylvia and I usually peel them all and freeze them. Then we can get out a small amount at a time to add to our smoothies or they can be used to make Banana cake, muffins or pancakes.

PicMonkey Collage copy 2

Buying marked down products and bulk items really does help to stretch our money. This then allows us to use our left over food allowance to stock up on our welfare cupboard or help with the unexpected expenses! There’s always something we need to pay for.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Earning extra money is fab and everyone can do with a little more income. However, learning to stretch our money and live within our means is often just as much if not, more important!

Angela xx


  1. Thank you so much for including my recipes in your post, Angela!! It’s wonderful how you were able to be successful with your mini eBay business! There’s definitely a knack to selling on eBay that I don’t possess; I’m coming to you for advice next time! 🙂

    Obviously, bananas are a favorite food in my house too! We also LOVE them in in frozen smoothies!

    Stay strong- prayers are being sent that you feel well! Xx

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for comment. I’m not very artistic or crafty and my pics are not as fab as those on other blogs and I definetly am Not fashionable lol… I also am not much of a recipe buff……but i’ve found my talents (at last) and am now using them in the blogging community and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

      Angela x

  2. You haven’t had it easy Ang but you have such a wonderful positive outlook. And you have some great tips here too. I love banana bread too, Katie’s muffins look gorgeous! xx

    1. Thanks Becky! I can’t let the past hold me back.. I have so much to share and so many things experiences that can or may help others so..where better to blog about it than here! Your Chicken idea is fab… we love ideas that help save time and energy 🙂

  3. Ebay idea is great, it’s a shame you had to give it up. Banana blueberry icecream is a nice (cheap) treat. Just mash them together and freeze 😀

  4. Hi Luv great post as always 🙂 we really want a chest freezer for the same reason! I alas don’t have the knack for selling on eBay, sounds like you had a fab business, but they always say when one door shuts another opens. Now you have a fabulous blog and something that makes you happy 🙂 don’t know how you always sound so positive 🙂 xxx #mummymondays

    1. Yes, I have finally discovered my talents and they are all web/internet based lol. I will do my best to make this a fab blog.. so I can help inspire others to overcome the odds. Angela xx

  5. Bananas are my favorite freezer food…we make banana ice cream with them too!! My heart goes out to you with the health conditions. I went through my whole life as a person who was in the hospital all the time. It’s only been the last few years that I’ve remained fairly healthy. Makes you certainly be grateful and appreciate every healthy day. Love that you’re being creative with making income and love the ideas in this post!!

  6. I have a low paid job and support four people on it- it is hard and I would love to blog and even I wrote one but then got stuck! . I depend a lot on ebay and buy reduced food items. we also eat a lot of pasta which is a cheap food. I understand where you are coming from and it just shows you cant sit back and say poor me the world owes me everything , its best to fight the situation and be creative !

    1. I agree, Ebay and reduced foods do help and there are always ways to stretch the budget. I have had the lowest income on the poverty line at times but always got through by finding ways to stretch the budget no matter what it is.

  7. This is so inspiring, especially for those who are on a low budget. We struggle in San Francisco because the cost of living is high, even food is expensive compared with other areas. I always try to stock up, although find it hard because we don’t have much storage space either and don’t have a car! I do shop online a lot though and we have a local grocers which is cheap and yummy fruit and veg! You’ve inspired me to try harder with stretching the food budget though, as I do feel we could do better. Do you know, I also never knew you could actually freeze bananas?! Though now you’ve said it, it makes sense – ha ha! x

  8. Brilliant post Angela. I believe it’s all about balance I like to look for ways to earn a little extra and ways to live on less, I’m proud of the things we have done as a family to improve our financial situation even if sometimes it’s been a rough road.

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