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WonderWoman is Happy and so Am I

This week has been one of those weeks where I’ve felt incredibly burnt out and stayed in bed most days.

Of course I’ve continued blogging and continued to be a mum from the bedside  (due to my Adrenal Insufficiency illness) and despite me feeling so exhausted and in pain, my daughter had a fantastic week and at the end of the day so long as my daughter is happy then I am happy.


So last night Sylvia and I had a Movie Night. A few months ago she went on a date with her daddy to she Cinderella at the cinema. (I wasn’t well enough) so tonight we hired the movie and had a girls night in.

I must say I really enjoyed the film. Here is a picture of Sylvia on Sylvia on her Daddy Daughter date a while back.



For me I have worn several different pairs of Pyjama’s as per usual. The more exciting outfits were the one’s my daughter Sylvia wore.

Sylvia has dressed up as so many different characters I cannot remember them all. I loved her Pocahontas style and the snapped a photo when she came to show me.


Yesterday I heard over the phone that my fight to get well is going to go in the local paper.

This is great news!! I’ve been seriously unwell for a long time, 25 months now and I’m finally getting the ball rolling to campaign for a Hydrocortisone Adrenal Pump which could dramatically change my quality of life and that of my family.

I’m mega excited and am working hard to get support behind me to be a healthy and mobile mother one day!


On Wednesday Sylvia made a WonderWoman Mask and she did not take it off the whole day!

I was really quite surprised and amused that she could have such fun from a simple activity but she sure did and I enjoyed seeing her happy. At the end of the day if WonderWoman is happy then so am I.

Sylvia loves super hero costumes and masks and this was a fun one to make.


And Lastly

We have a great new fancy dress costume to share with you. I really love kids fancy dress costumes as does Sylvia.

Dressing up is so so fun and here is a great world war two costume which really is fun to wear but also an opportunity for me to teach my daughter about the past and her heritage whilst having fun dressing up.

Thanks for reading,

Angela x