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A Week of Fun and Laughter

sylvia milnes red dress

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A Week of Fun and Laughter

This week has been a little crazy and hectic but we’ve had a lot of fun in-between my hospital trips, blogging, resting and everything else we have done. It’s been a week of laughter and enjoyment for all and although I have been tired I’ve had a better week than most!


So this week I watched Mr Monkey Sock and Miss Honey Bunny get married. Apparently they met in the bed, went on a date to the movies and decided to get married because they want to make babies. (Kids can be so cute)

cute teddy bears

I also enjoyed watching my daughter ad husband play the Wii at a friends house. That’s right, I went out for dinner! This was my first social get together (except BritMums) since bonfire night! Progress with a capital P!


My daughter wore a new dress from Debenhams. I think she looked gorgeous. I just had to take some pictures. Adorable!

sylvia milnes red dress


My daughter and I listened to read-a-long book called Heidi. We loved it. It was nice not having to read the words and getting to listen for a change. I may have to invest in some more read along type books.

heidi book

I also heard the fab news that I had won a Website Award! MumpreneurUK! (Bronze) I was shocked but very excited. Bronze_Website_Award-1096x1096



We made a lovely egg salad this week which was perfect for the hot weather and a good excuse to use my favourite Pampered Chef bowl!

And Lastly

I just want to say how grateful I am for good friends. Especially my friends in New Zealand who I never see and my friends in Pontefract who I sometimes see and then the one’s at my church who I see when I’m well enough!

Thank goodness for social media!

I Hope you enjoyed reading my about my week at a glance

Angela Milnes xx



  1. Congratulations on the award lovely! Your little lady’s dress is gorgeous! Deffo worth some pictures! It’s great that you got out and about this week! It’s the little things that make the big differences isn’t it?! 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks Louisa. I appreicate you stopping by. I love the dress and yes my daughter is a cutie when she is not being a monkey or a rat bag lol!

  2. Ang! So glad that you went out on for dinner. Wahoo. I bet it was nice to get out of the house! Sylvia looks totally gorgeous. I love her and I love the thought of you two reading Heidi together. SO sweet! …aaaandddd HUGE congrats on your award!!!! xx

    1. Thanks Esther… I’ve has such a better week. Sylvia got two dresses and I love them! Both from Debenhams. We are trying to read classics together! She loves them. Thanks for reading my post! Love ya and miss ya! Angela x

  3. Absolutely love your salad bowl, congratulations on the award AND the second picture of your daughter in the red dress is simply adorable and totally frameworthy!! Sounds like a great week xx

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