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A Trip to London, Fun times, Good times, not so good times.

A Trip to London, Fun times, Good times, not so good times. 

Welcome to the Gratitude Diaries Week Eleven. Well this has been one heck of a week. A week ago I had been knocked out by a virus and hoping to get well enough to go to London for some family fun and blogging work. By Tuesday I had rested up well and was ready to make the 5 hour Journey down to London.

The Journey went well. Sylvia suffers from travel sickness so she wore a pair of Sea bands the whole way down. They really helped her to feel okay the first day! She started asking, “how much longer to go” after about 20 minutes travelling and this continued the whole journey. We kept her busy by giving her the Leap-pad Ultra to play with and playing games such as count the red car, or how many signs until we get to a certain location. It helped her to pass the time. We stopped the first night on the outskirts of London and set off again the next day.

Wednesday morning we drove to central London. Sylvia said she felt car sick. We pulled over to park and got out the car and then poor Sylvy puked her guts up all over the pavement while those who passed by stared at us in horror! Yes…we were parents and our child was throwing her guts up just around the corner from Park Lane! Sylvia then felt much better and had a wonderful rest of her day!

Our first stop in London was to visit  “Rachel Riley’s” Children’s Boutique. Rachel Riley is an Award Winning Children’s Designer. Her Luxury Brand was used in the official photos of The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Kate and William’s son Prince George.

Last week Sylvia was given a Rachel Riley Butterfly Pleated Dress to wear from  “FingerO’Fudge” a Children’s Fashion Boutique that we are Brandbassadors for! We visited Rachel Riley’s to purchase the “Yellow Frill Cardigan” which was made to to go with Sylvia’s dress. After all, we were going to Buckingham Palace and we wanted to look our best.

For myself, I found a lovely end of season dress at Asda the day before we left. It was marked down to £6 and the yellow flowers matched Sylvia’s Rachel Riley Dress.


Our second stop was Buckingham Palace. We managed to get into Buckingham Palace after writing to them and requesting a free visit. (Something I never imagined they would agree to) but it worked! I cannot stand or walk for too long due to my illness so my Hubby did the honours of escorting me around Buckingham Palace in the Wheelchair. We had a fabulous visit inside the Palace viewing the magnificent State rooms and seeing some “behind-the-scenes” treasures. It truly was a fabulous visit and I’ll be writing my post about this very soon!


Due to security rules and regulations, we were not allowed to take photos inside the palace but we did get plenty of lovely shots in the Palace Gardens, Cafe and outside the gates. After out visit we were all exhausted and retired to our hotel room at the Premier Inn.


On Thursday John and Sylvia spent the day at the Natural Museum of history while I met with some bloggers and a PR team in Kensington. I did not expect to feel well after two days but I still felt well on Thursday afternoon, so I decided to try and get us into a West End Production as a blogging experience. I rang Les Miserables and they had no seats available, I did not give up and I rang the production Wicked! I must have been very convincing because at the end of my phone conversation we had 3 tickets in a premium seating area for the 7.30 session. I’m still a little gobsmacked but it worked!

Wicked turned out to be the best performance we have ever seen! It was amazing! What made it even more special was that the leading cast member, The Good Witch, was a friend of mine from many years ago and whilst she may no longer know me, it was great to see her living the dream she had all those many years ago to become an actor. She made it and seeing her success inspired me to think, “If she can follow her dreams then so can I as a blogger!”

We had a wonderful two days in London and I am grateful that my health remained strong enough to do three big activities. We had the best little holiday ever, which is fabulous after being sick for so long.

On the way home, you’d never guess what happened? I went hypoglycemic and became unwell again, lol. Then the next day my daughter stood on a nail, we rushed her off to the Accident and Emergency because she went into shock and then when I was standing in the hospital, I collapsed as my body couldn’t take the stress. I cannot physically produce the stress hormone Cortisol and the stress of seeing my chid injured was too much for my body.


I could cope mentally but clearly not physically with the natural fight or flight response. So my dear friends. I am back to square one and back in bed!  We had a wonderful week and i’m truly grateful for the opportunities we had.


After a few hours and some emergency steroids I was able to go home with Sylvia. The best part of the day for her was getting a sticker from the A and E Doctors.


I am grateful for our mini holiday.

I’m grateful for John pushing me around in London in a wheelchair- it is never easy!

I’m grateful to be getting wonderful opportunities through blogging.

I’m grateful I didn’t have to stay overnight in hospital.

Here is my Quote of the Week:


Angela xx


  1. What a roller coaster of a ride of a vacation! It sounds like the good overpowered the negative, and I’m glad that Sylvia felt better so she could enjoy the trip. I hope that Sylvia’s foot heals quickly and you are feeling better too! Enjoy your new dress- it’s great that you bought something for yourself as a souvenir to remember your mini vacation. Fantastic quote- exactly how I like to look at things. 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles!

    1. Yes! it was a crazy adventure but we had a good time and my daughter had so much fu so it was well worth it! Still recovering now though lol!

      Angela xx

  2. That certainly sounds like a wonderful, scary and amazing trip all at the same time. I would love to get to London someday and see the sites. Glad to hear you’re on the mend(ish). #AnythingGoes

  3. I’m very impressed with your power of persuasion Ang – well done on the freebies & theatre tickets. Great deal on the dress too! Too bad you didn’t feel well afterwards though. Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles!

    1. Thanks Becky. I surprised myself! I guess I’m slowly gaining the confidence and this feels nice to be abel to give my daughter nice things and experiences even when we live on a tight budget! 🙂

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