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A Teddy Bears Picnic with the Giving Tree

the giving tree

A Teddy Bears Picnic with the Giving Tree

Last week we had a teddy bear’s picnic. We can’t always go out far especially on my worst days (when i’m more unwell) and the weather has not been too fab so we set up camp in the bedroom and went about planning our mini teddy bears picnic party.


I had never heard of The Giving Tree range before this month and to be honestly I thought it was a great idea. All the food items are freeze dried fruit and or veg so that all the nutritional value in still in the crisps. I wasn’t too sure what these crisps would taste like and so we went on a taste testing session to figure out what we liked and didn’t like and fill our tummies at the same time.


There were in total seven different items, broccoli chips, apple, mango, mixed veg, pumpkin, strawberries and peach. I have to be honest, I didn’t like them all and neither did Sylvia. They didn’t taste bad, just a little unusual.


By far we loved best the Strawberries. We also like the broccoli. I was less keen on the pumpkin or apple, but then I’m not much a fan of dried apple anyway. Yoda tried the apple and he loved it!


I think the Giving Tree range is a great idea and a healthy alternative to crisps and treats that we might give our children. It’s nutrition in a bag, however I do prefer fresh fruit with the water content in it.


So for this experience, it was 50/50. Would I buy this product if I went to the shop. To be honest no I wouldn’t. I can’t lie and say I would when it really wasn’t something I hundred percent enjoyed.IMG_3225

Did we have fun and enjoy our teddy bears picnic? Yes we sure did! Would I recommend this to others? Yes I would. I think the concept is great and it’s a better alternative to naughty foods. I also think a lot of my foodie friends would enjoy this, although for me it’s not something I really took a liking to.


So that’s the truth. This was our experience with The Giving Tree range. Why not try it for yourself, you may very well have different taste buds to me.

Angela Milnes xx



  1. A great, honest review, Ang! I prefer fresh fruit as well, but I think these snacks would be great for on the go. I wonder if they’d be tasty in salads? #positivelyposted

  2. I love indoor picnics 🙂 one of my sons loves all sorts of dried fruit whereas the other doesn’t venture past raisins. Always handy to find something new to try though.
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  3. We had a picnic with teddy the other day, it was a gorgeous Spring day and a great chance to sit out in the garden after a long Melbourne Winter. Although we went for the unhealthy food options like fairy bread and jam sandwiches. Thanks for sharing #mummyandus

  4. I tried the kale crisps at Pret and they were not pleasant! The veg crisps are lovely though. I’ll look out for these as one of them might be nice. They’re an excellent idea. #mummy&us

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