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A Rookies Guide To Video Games

Most people who have zero experience when it comes to playing video games are skeptical. They don’t really think that they might ever become hooked on them, and that’s only understandable given that they haven’t tried any before. Besides, the types of games available out there, as well as the wide array of consoles ever to have been invented can be truly baffling for a beginning video gamer.

In this article, we’ll make a list of tips and tricks for people who are only getting into video gaming.


What games should you play?

There are literally tons of genres out there, which means that you might be feeling a bit confused as to what you should try first. There are anything from boxing games to role-playing, strategy and fantasy games. Both first person and third person shooters are readily available, and if you’d much rather avoid playing something interactive, you can even try out a puzzle.

Besides, most of them are created with specific audiences in mind. As such, some of them speak to the needs of children, others are designed for adults, and there are also several that speak to general audiences.

One thing you could do if you have no idea what you could start with is to consult Metacritic to see some of the highest rated ones over the past sixty days or so. Popular games could be worth a try, but you should consider those that you might have given a shot in the past. Surely you’ve had a game installed on your personal computer at least several years ago, and you could tell whether you liked it or not.


Downloads versus physical copies

This is another aspect that you ought to bear in mind. While some people actually prefer having physical copies for their collections, beginners might find downloading the games a lot more convenient. One thing that we do have to mention, however, is that you won’t be able to resell a digital copy, which might be inconvenient for those individuals who tend to get bored really fast.

On top of everything, it seems that most digital copies cost a pretty penny compared to their physical counterparts, and that’s because they can be played forever.


Choose the right gaming console

Your console can make a whole lot of a difference when it comes to how you play, your gaming performance, and how you develop your reflexes and skills in the future. Some might be more comfortable using something like the new Xbox One while others have become so accustomed to using PlayStation that they might not even want to give the Xbox a shot.

Just like with smartphones, where the audience seems to be split up into people who prefer Android and those that like iOS, the same rule applies in the case of gaming consoles. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should pick the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

*This is a collaborative post*