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A Party for Yoda the Bichon Frise

yoda birthday

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Yesterday Yoda turned 1 year old. I remember back in October last year when I was struggling to make a decision whether or not to get a dog. My daughter Sylvia really wanted a puppy. She loves dogs. My husband loves dogs too. I had never had a dog before and most of my experiences with dogs in the past were negative.

However I bit the bullet and decided it would be good to get a companion for my daughter and give dog ownership a go. Our family has fallen head over heels for Yoda. He is a cheeky chap. Sometimes he does naughty things, other times he is adorable. We love him to bits and one year on I can honestly say, this was the best decision I made.

I decided to keep a record of Yoda’s life, his antics and the things that go on. He has become a bit of a celebrity on the blog and is becoming quite well known. Who else has a dog called Yoda? In fact this week, I had a visitor come to my home for a health related appointment and she had seen Yoda on social media. I was quite shocked!

To celebrate Yoda’s birthday we had a small party at home. We were sent a fantastic hamper of goodies from Harringtons, a pet food company. We got a poster, bunting, dog bowls, plenty of dog food, a bow tie for Yoda, a new blanket and some other fantastic treats.

We started the party by giving Yoda his bow tie and a party hat. He really didn’t mind the bow tie too much but was not as keen on the hat, however he was a good dog and kept his hat on as we immediately distracted him with the Harrington’s dog food.

Dog Birthday Party

Yoda had the Chicken, Potato with Vegetables. He was really excited and ate most of the food without stopping. This was his first time to try the Harrington’s Brand and he clearly loved it. The meal filled him up and he came back for seconds later on.

Yoda must have thought he was in heaven having everyone fuss over him. His best friend Peppa was supposed to come to his party but sadly Peppa’s owner was unwell. He still had a fantastic time and we have plenty of tasty meals to eat on other days.

Yoda got a few lovely gifts for his birthday. A drying towel. Messy Muts Dog shampoo and dog spray, his dog bowls and two new toys. He especially loved his chicken.

He took the chicken over to his favourite spot and had a game of hide and squeak.

The humans had a tasty Birthday Cake which was sent to us by Bakers Days. It was lovely and has a picture of Yoda on the top. We ate cake and it tasted Delicious and Yoda continued playing with his squeaky chicken.

We all took pictures with our doggie masks and then John took Yoda out to purchase his first Bed.

Well, I managed to video Yoda trying his new bed out for the first time.  It’s a lovely huge bed and he rolled around in it like a real nutter showing off. He’s a smart dog and knew this giant new bed was for him! He really was happy. You can watch the video below.

Yoda had a fantastic first birthday. He loved all his lovely gifts and really enjoyed his Harrington’s Pet food. This went down a treat and we are very impressed. After a long afternoon and lots of playing, he came upstair and fell asleep in his lovely new bed.


Overall we had a lovely little party. Yoda had a fantastic day. Sylva our daughter had fun and we enjoyed spoiling our dog. I never knew I could love an animal but he has become one of the family members. He stays by my side when I’m unwell and plays with Sylvia keeping her company. He dances and jumps and sniffs around looking for food.

I’d like to thank Harrington’s Pet Food for providing the goodies for Yoda’s Party. We are really excited to have found a food which is both healthy and natural and something Yoda loves rather than picks at!

We all had a fabulous day, it was of course a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon. Yoda enjoyed the extra attention but it was equally as fun for Sylvia my daughter and gave her something different to do with the family.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Yoda’s special day. He truly is a wonderful dog.

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    1. Ha Ha. If only his paws could type! He does have a habit of trying to close the laptop when I’m on it… it’s his way of saying get off the computer and give me some attention! lol! Angela x

  1. Oh my goodness, the cuteness is just too much!! This is the sweetest idea ever…I love the little doggy dicky bow too! Such attention to detail…those face masks are perfect!!! Love everything about this post šŸ™‚

  2. Yoda is absolutely adorable!!! The party you threw was so cute too, I will definately be throwing a party when I get my own little fur baby!!

  3. Ahaha your post gave me a great laugh. My oul dog, I must keep this post away from her or she’ll start looking for better conditions šŸ˜‰

    1. Ha ha! We had a laugh and Yoda loved it! He is cuddly. I never imagined we’d be doing this either but we so random things in my house. It’s all about having fun as a family and we sure did! Angela x

    1. Thanks Ana! The party was just Yoda, me, my husband John and our daughter Sylvia. We invited a few friends but they pulled put at the last minute but we still had fun so it didn’t matter!

  4. Yoda, is a cutie! Happy Birthday! He looks like he had a great time and was truly spoilt! A great idea to throw a party, I might see if my mum will allow me to throw one for their dog…any excuse to party haha šŸ™‚ x

  5. Oh Yoda is SO cute! And how fabulous that Yoda is famous, bless, that’s so cool! It looks like a fun doggy party all round. Also following yoda on facebook now šŸ™‚ xx

    1. Cool! He is a lovely dog and I hope he lives many many years. He is a little darling and we love him to bits. I never imagined when I started writing about him as a fortnightly feature people would love to follow his life but they do and it’s fab! Angela x

    1. Yes he has a fab name! We had a right laugh naming him. We all got to pick one in the end as we couldn’t agree so his full registered name is Yoda Snowy Taylor Milnes. lol..and yes the taylor is a reference to taylor swift which is ironic as he likes to kind of dance with my daughter when she dances to taylor swift! ha ha!

  6. Oh my word Yoda is too cute! He’s adorable and what a cute idea for him, he looks like he had a very nice time indeed, so thoughtful šŸ™‚ Mim x #brilliantblogposts

  7. Hi Angela, I love the cake with Yoda’s picture on. It’s my husbands birthday today and Yoda’s cake far outdoes his! The size of his new bed made me laugh too, it’s huge, plenty of room for expansion with all the tasty food he was sent. He’s a very lucky, little dog.


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