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I was recently gifted a copy of the book Masters In Motherhood (From the University Of Life) by Gill Arthey. I really enjoy reading about people’s experiences and this book is certainly one to read.

A masters in Motherhood

At 14 weeks Eddie and Gill discover they are to become parents of not one, not two but three children. The book shares how the family learn they are to have triplets and then goes on to share the experience of raising three little triplets.

I really enjoyed reading the book from the start to the end. I found it really interesting and fun. Gill takes you through the early years and shares the mischievous nature of the triplets. They grew up exploring the outside and having fun. I enjoyed reading about the antics of the children, the difficulties and problems faced when having triplets.

You really don’t need to be a mother of triplets to enjoy the book, it is a great read and really enjoyable. I think having just one child I can relate to the things in the book and the fact that no mother has a degree in parenting. Motherhood is indeed a learn as you go adventure and you do learn to run with the curve balls of life you receive.

Before I became pregnant I suffered from infertility. I considered donor egg treatment along with IUI, adoption and IVF. Eventually I had my own infertility treatment and became a mother. It was stressful but worth it. I didn’t have twins or triplets, just one child and it was wonderful.


a masters in motherhood