A Life Travel Experience in Poland

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In this tough situation, no one would be making plans of taking big vacations. But if you are thinking of visiting a new place once the situation gets settled, Poland could be the best destination. It has a diverse landscape, historical cities, and beautiful beaches. Apart from beauty and history, Polish land is also popular for its vodka and pierogies. Here, we have mentioned the best reasons to make Poland your next destination to visit.

Beautiful Historical Towns

If you love the old town and their wide history entice you then, Poland has got many amazing historical cities. These cities are known for their history all across Europe and they are the tourist destination. Poland’s Capital Warsaw, Baltic Sea’s Gdansk, or South’s Krakow, you can’t resist falling in love with these beautiful cities. The old town with decorated frontages, pretty streets, and an amusing environment. However, this country had suffered great damage during World War II and many cities were damaged due to this still, they shine gloriously today. More than ninety percent of Gdansk was also damaged in the period of war. You can stroll through Wroclaw, Polish beer in Krakow, and fresh air of the Baltic Sea in Gdansk. You will certainly not be able to get enough of the colorful houses and playful lanterns of the old towns.

The Baltic Sea

The Baltic coast is spread over more than 500 km. Untouched dunes and long shady beaches are enough popular among tourists in tourists. People from neighboring countries come and enjoy the beauty for many days residing in the campsite. People can enjoy various games on the beaches.

Nonetheless, if you are not camping enthusiasts, the Polish beaches will not disappoint. You will find historic seaside resorts, pretty seaside resorts and fresh nature as well as exciting water sports and relaxing health resorts. This location is beautiful and varied at the same time. Another best thing about having a vacation in this part of the country is really cheaper compare to visiting Baltic Sea beaches in other neighboring countries. Baltic Sea of Poland has many things to offer for adventure-seeking travelers as well. You can climb the forty-meter-high dunes of Leba and hike through Slowinski National Park.

Natural Beauty – Forests, Lakes, and Mountains

One might not think of Poland as one of the most popular countries for tourists in Europe, but it has got all the things one traveler seeks. Because in addition to impressive cities and endless beaches, the natural beauty of Poland is also amusing. If you choose to travel through the country by vehicle then you will witness that most part of Poland consists of green forests and wide paddocks. When the evening sun falls over the golden wheat plains, your heart truly opens.

While you can marvel at the huge swamplands in the Narew National Park in the east, Masuria with more than 2,500 lakes await you in the northeast of the country. The Tucheler Heide, numerous waterfalls as well as valleys, mountains, and wetlands characterize the landscape. If you still want something more, then Bialowieza National Park and its forests along with Bledow Desert near Krakow should be on your travel list to witness the real natural beauty of the country.

Food and Beverages

When you want to explore any new places then, food should be on your radar too. In Poland, people cook and eat in a very typical way, which means above all tasty hearty stews, rich pasta and lots of meat. Tourists from different countries can taste a number of delicious food items here. Soups, sauerkraut stews, and various kinds of cabbage are regularly on the plate. But the country also has some special delicacies to offer that you definitely shouldn’t miss on your visit. The national dish and the absolute highlight are the pierogi. The small dumplings are heartily filled with minced meat, onions, vegetables, or cabbage, and then cooked. 

The sweet version with blueberries is also very popular and tastes heavenly. If you are looking for some local brews then Polish beer and vodka are worth trying. At night when you don’t want to go outside and want to have some good leisure time then, you can have this delicious food and drinks at the hotel since most of the hotels offer catering services. You can stroll through Wroclaw, explore Krakow travel packages for Polish beer, and enjoy the fresh air of the Baltic Sea in Gdansk.

Traditions and Culture

A very large part of the Polish population is of the Catholic faith. Therefore, great importance is attached to Christian holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. So, don’t be surprised if all the church bells are ringing at this time and the best clothes are pulled out for going to church.

Nevertheless, the wedding culture is something special. People of Poland love to celebrate weddings on a grand scale and are a fun and beautiful spectacle for everyone involved. Polish weddings are filled with wedding games, huge cakes and, above all, a lot of guests. Lany poniedziałek, also known as Śmigus-dyngus, takes place on Easter Monday where men spray women with water. It is a kind of water fight and a similar tradition is also popular in Czech.

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