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A Gift For My Child From A Mother With Chronic Illness

I have been struggling. Yep that’s right. The past two months have been so hard for me physically, mentally and emotionally and I am drained. I’ve been more unwell than usual and that has had a knock on effect in a number of ways, in particular in the way I parent.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a wonderful mother and I know that but when you have a chronic health condition it does affect what you can do. I’ve not been able to do as much as usual for my child over the last month. Thanks goodness I have plenty of support around me and a loving husband, my daughter’s step father John!

I know this is a bump in the road and things are beginning to pick up again but I have felt incredibly sad at times and a little guilty for my disabilities and the things I have not been able to do. It’s racked me with guilt, given me negative thoughts such as “I’m a bad mum” but I know I’m not… I am awesome and I have to keep saying that!

Sylvia is turning 10 soon. Each year she has had a birthday party but this year it’s going to be a little different. Instead of a kids party, which would take all the energy out of me, my daughter is going to go on a  trip to the movies. She is yet to decided which friends to take but it will be a great birthday outing. I think she will be taking two friends.

My daughter knows I love her to bits and this year I wanted to get her a birthday gift that will not break in a few weeks. Sylvia has plenty of toys, we review them a lot so when I was given the opportunity to choose a personalised gift for Sylvia from Personally Presented I was really happy.

I chose to gift Sylvia a beautiful antique Silver Jewellery Box. The personalised Swirl & Hearts Antique Silver Plated Jewellery Box is gorgeous. The box has a hinged lid and is 6cm high and 18cm wide. The Jewellery box is lovely. I love the style and most of all I love that I was able to have a message engraved.

I had the words, Sylvia, love you for eternity, Mum xx. I know this will mean more to my daughter than a toy she grows out of and it’s a treasured keepsake she can have for many years to come.

The Jewellery box retails for £42.49 and is a real gem. It’s something I would have loved for myself and something I know Sylvia will love when she opens her gift and for many years to come.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, but sometimes it’s the little things we do and the things we say that do mean the most. I find one of the best things I can do for my daughter at this age in her life is talk and listen. Giving Sylvia plenty of time, even if it’s from the bedside means a lot. Hanging in a lounge together while I type and she plays or watching a movie together are things we do to spend time with one another.

I’d love to go out shopping, eat out or visit the park, which we have done once I might add but at least I am giving my daughter time in the ways I can for now.