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A Comical Review of the Hasbro Nerf Assembler Gear


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A Comical Review of the Hasbro Nerf Assembler Gear

This is a honest review written by one of our toy testers Adeline Barros.

This review is about the Nerf Iron Man Assembler Gear which promotes the Marvel Avengers Infinity War movie and is created by Hasbro
I received the Nerf Assembler gear for my my three boys, nine, seven and three years old. The packaging was very attractive, with Iron Man on the front cover, so much that the boys could not wait to start playing with their hero’s incredible weapon. They literally ripped the big box open as soon as it was in their hands!
The Nerf Assembler gear is supposed to be for 5 years old and over but my three year old was just as fascinated as the older ones. He really enjoyed holding the gun, aiming and shooting, as it is extremely light. However just could not change the gun shape and configuration himself. As I mentioned, the interesting aspect of this Nerf gun is that it combines in many different ways. So you can build and then you blast !
The warning DO NOT AIM AT EYES OR FACE is translated in twenty five languages on the outer packaging, and I read it to the children but it did not make any difference : Within ten minutes, one of my baby twins had been shot at in the head. “But not on purpose, Mum!” I am really pleased the three darts are in foam and not pointy at the end. I was reassured when I realised it could not cause any serious damage to any of my babies who wanted to have a go at the new toy too!
There are lots of different combinations possible, with three parts you can put together in multiple positions. You can also choose to make a smaller gun and only use two parts, or even just one part, like a pocket gun. The different pieces slide and / or rotate to clip together nicely and firmly. Additional darts can be sold separately, which is great because the 3 which are provided went missing quite quickly !
It’s a good opportunity to clean behind your sofa, let’s stay positive!




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