A Child And Her Bichon Frise Dog The Portrait Project

We really love having dogs in our home. I remember when my daughter returned home in 2012, she had been staying with a family who owned a dog. Sylvia had become fond of dogs and asked if we could own one. At the time I did not really want a Dog and I didn’t even know how to care for one. Marrying my husband John changed things. He had once had a family Dog and just like Sylvia he liked the idea of a new pet.

bichon frise dog


Fast forward three years and I finally agreed to getting a dog for Sylvia. We bought our first puppy Yoda in November 2015 and have not looked back. Yoda is an adorable Bichon Frise. We love him to bits. He can be cheeky and do naughty things but he has a loving and gentle side to him too. Sadly Yoda was attacked when he was only one and badly hurt. he developed anxiety and became scared. We thought it might be nice to find him a companion and when we heard about another Bichon dog needing a home we adopted Casper.

Casper is 6 years old and is the most loyal and loving dog. He follows me around everywhere i go and I mean everywhere. We have a strong bond. I think Casper is a bit more needy than Yoda. Casper came from an abusive environment and was not treated very nice in the past.

Sylvia loves both our dogs equally. Having Yoda and Casper sure is fun and it certainly has challenges as well but I could not imagine being without them. They bring joy to the whole family including my daughter and we really have become a dog loving family. It’s quite nice.



dog bichon frise


  1. Ahhhh how cute! I’m glad you eventually gave in and got a dog for Sylvia – my family always grew up with dogs (and cats, hamsters, fish, gerbils, mice etc etc), and I wouldn’t be without pets now. Having a dog teaches a child so much responsibility too, they have to walk it and feed it and pick up it’s poop lol x

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