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Yesterday Sylvia and I went on a birthday shopping spree at Primark. It was such fun and we got lots of new clothes that actually fit and some great goodies! I am super excited to share these with you today.

My daughter has been having major growth spurts and she is growing so tall. We went through all her wardrobe and there were hardly any clothes that fit her anymore. I started saving so we could go shopping. I do love lots of brands but the reality is we are a family living on a budget and we were more than happy to go to Primark to find some bargains and nice new clothes for Sylvia.

It was worth the trip. I had fun. Sylvia had fun and I am glad I had the energy to make it around the store. So we purchased a new swimming costume which says Unicorns have more fun. Sylvia likes this one and it will be great for Summer.

Next we got some socks which have the days of the week on them. Sylvia really liked these and they were £2.50.

Sylvia bought some headbands and a pair of Jandals or flip flops for 90p. A good bargain for when we go to the beach in Summer.

Sylvia picked a Maxi dress with black and white stripes. This is a long dress which will look great in Summer. I like it.

One thing my daughter has never worn before is dungarees and Sylvia chose a pair of cute dungarees with white lace on the legs. I am sure they are going to look lovely.

We purchased two pairs of leggings for £2 each. One black and one grey and then 5 t-shirts. They are a mixture of butterfly,  unicorn and mermaid themed tops and were £1.80 each.

We got two pairs of shoes for Summer, both a size 4 and one in black and one in beige.

Sylvia got some goodies, she chose some gel eye masks for beauty night. purchased some shell candels and a flamingo pen.

We got some women’s size 6 tank tops. These are actually perfect for Sylvia to wear on a hot day over her swimming costume, under her t-shirt or even on a hot summer night as nightwear.

Sylvia picked out a new water bottle to keep her hydrated during the Summer months and found a new bed cover.

We got a Unicorn note pad, mentos, (Sylvia’s favourites) and Unicorn Jandals.

To go with the bedding we found two soft and cute cushions which look fabulous and feel super soft on Sylvia’s bed.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post. Last but not least we got some fab Sunglasses for a bargain price of 99p. Now I know altogether we spent around £80 which is what it would cost for a few fancy dresses, or items from a more expensive shop, but we were more than happy with our purchases and I cannot wait to save up for another shopping spree as it was so so fun!