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A Birthday Party In Lockdown For Sylvia

On Thursday my daughter turned 12 years old and just like many kids around the country and in other countries my daughter had a birthday in lockdown! 

I wanted to share my experience for two reasons. Firstly I love to keep a record of important family events including Sylvia’s birthdays and blogging about this special day is a great way to preserve memories.

However I also wanted to share my worries and concerns and the experience we had in the hope this may help someone else. So here goes, here are my thoughts on having a child’s birthday during quarantine.

A Birthday Party In Lockdown

I’ll begin by saying it was our intention to have a sleepover and pizza party for Sylvia’s 12th birthday. However with the lockdown still in force and with Sylvia being an only child our plans were forced to change.

I still wanted Sylvia to have a happy day even when she couldn’t share it with her friends. So what did we do? We planned a party for for dinner. Due to my poor health I am shielded and we are currently ordering food into the home from the supermarket.

Sylvia and I went online and she chose a selection of party food items and we planned a little tea party for just Sylvia, myself and her dad John. This added some excitement and we were able to look forward to celebrating the birthday with party food.

Next Sylvia planned an online party. Sylvia enjoys playing online and has a group of friends who got together and planned a virtual dance party online. On her birthday they created a party room and their virtual characters danced, shared cake and celebrated Sylvia’s birthday. It wasn’t the real thing but Sylvia had fun.

Buying Gifts During Lockdown

I guess the one thing I was worried about was finding gifts for Sylvia’s birthday. As a mother who is unwell and stuck at home most of the time, I would have made at least one trip out to get some gifts but I wasn’t well enough and the only stores that are open were the supermarkets.

My husband and I spent an hour on Amazon looking for gifts for Sylvia. We ordered a diary, a book, some metalic pens and a keyring with Sylvia’s favourite dog- a Bichon.

We also ordered some lovely gifts from the supermarket which included some pens and girly toiletries. Despite worrying we might not be able to give Sylvia a happy Birthday the day went well. She enjoyed her gifts and we had fun.

A Kitticorn Birthday Cake From Asda

Although we could have made a cake, I haven’t been well so we ordered a Kitticorn cake from Asda for Sylvia. She loved her cake and it was super cute. It tasted great and was made with sponge with cream and jam in the middle.

Last year Sylvia had the Asda Narwhal cake and the year before that the pug cake. We had fun singing happy birthday and Sylvia blew out her candle and made a wish. She then burst into tears because her wish was to do with our dog Yoda who has not got the best of health.

Sylvia watched star wars with her dad John for her birthday and I went to bed as I was shattered after preparing party food. We had party food for two days as there was plenty of it and the birthday was over for another year.

Lockdown Birthday Party

It is not possible to have a birthday party with all your friends during lockdown but you can have a party at home with the family you have. It was a little sad that we didn’t have any siblings for Sylvia to share her day with or any other children but we did our best and my daughter was happy.

If I learnt anything, it was that simple is okay. Once lockdown is over I am taking Sylvia on a shopping spree to Primark. She has grown so much and we will buy new nighties and underwear, vests and leggings and all the other things she needs.

We are looking forward to that and Primark is one thing on our bucket list of things to do once lock down is over.