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Well today is officially 9 weeks since my Gastric Bypass. My weight loss Journey has been ongoing for a long time. I originally gained weight in New Zealand after becoming a Mother and always struggled on and off. I managed to get to a healthier place after a few years although I was not skinny as a single mum, I was happy where I was around a size 16.

I was quite happy with the weight I was when I married my sweetheart John, however within a very short period of time after marriage, I’d been diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and the steroids I was on really affected big time. By the end of 2013 I was at my heaviest 21 stone and about 7 pounds. It is shocking to think I gained so much weight so fast but I did and being ill and bed bound things simply became harder.

In 2014, I began a one year weight loss program with the intention of eventually getting weight loss Surgery. I was simply given a number of calories to eat, 1,200 and told to stick to that for a year. It was really tough. The dietician was not very helpful and I actually feel weight watchers or a similar support group would have been more useful. I simply went every 3 months to get weighed and if I had lost weight I’d be told well done and after a year we will refer you to the bariatric team.

I managed to lose 30 pounds over two years. Losing weight, attending meetings and waiting for referrals and tests ended up taking 24 months. I was accepted for weight loss Surgery in October 2015 but my operation was cancelled 4 times.

I finally had my Gastric Bypass in March 2016. I’m still learning and have a long way to go. I’ve had five days without being sick. I’m learning what foods to avoid and what makes me sick. I was finally able to eat chicken this week, really small chopped up pieces but it tasted so good.

gastric bypass

The Journey has not been easy and I’m still in the phase where I am used to this and finding it hard. I’ve been sick a lot, in and out of hospital with complications and Adrenal Issues and I’ve had a lot of sickness and struggle. The pain was for me unbearable and I will never put myself through another operation unless it is absolutely imperative. I still feel traumatised by the surgery. The pain was difficult for me to cope with and took many weeks to overcome.

The hard part now is mental and emotional. Mastering new eating rules. Chewing for ages and eating slowly. It is hard not being able to have certain foods ever again. I find that tough but am learning to accept this is the way it is now. It is hard to eat slow and I think it will take time to find good wholesome and yummy meals to eat again.

I am really over plain old soup and want to try and focus on foods which are really nutritional but enjoyable and that I am able to swallow without problems. It’s mentally draining and next week I go and talk to a psychologist about my Journey so far. It is a service available and I’d like to speak to someone as there is a lot going on  in my head  about the whole process and getting my mind around it is not an easy task. This is life changing and the benefits will come but not at an easy cost.

I am trying hard to follow the plan I need to follow and looking forward to researching and looking up some healthy meal options. I finally for the first time began to see a small difference. I still feel overweight and fat and I am still overweight but I am 60 pounds lighter than when I got serious about reversing the affects of steroid medication back in 2014.

I don’t feel much more energetic but I am able to get up and walk around for a few minutes or so before needing to sit down. Before I could not at all. My health fluctuates so pleased don’t be deceived by the standing pictures. I often still use the wheelchair and on these two photograph opportunities I was attending rare family events and doubling my meds to get through.

The reality still is if I stand and walk and do something I will be burnt out after a while and suffer for days if not weeks after, but some events I would not miss for the world.

Attending my daughters birthday and her baptism this month have been the only events I’ve been to apart from hospital and appointments. It is frustrating and until I get my steroid medication correct it could stay this way but surely (as I tell myself) my body will benefit from being healthier and weighing less and so despite all the suffering and difficulties, I know it will one day all be worth it!