9 Secrets for Great Home Videos of Your Kids

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Memories matter! Especially when you want to create as many memories as possible when you have kids or welcome a new baby into the family. Kids can be adorable, and you are eager to capture their best moments on camera. However, you will soon find the available space on your mobile phone dwindling at an alarming rate.

Delve a little deeper into the cause, and you will be pretty annoyed to learn that the videos you have created, hoping to capture every movement of your sweet kids, are devouring up all the space on your phone.

Deleting these exciting videos is not an option, as you would be intensely sad to give up these precious memories. Well, here is a perfect alternative.

Go on and try using a quality online video editor and edit the videos carefully to have them organized perfectly. When you do this, you will find the space on your smartphone magically beginning to surface, making room for many other exciting videos.

Additionally, you can compile the organized videos into a single folder on cloud storage and create a link that can be shared with friends and members of your extended family.

Staying organized helps! Begin now and have these fabulous home videos handy and ready to be watched whenever you feel like going back in time. Here are 9 tips that will enable you to get started. 


It is certainly not advisable to invest money in the most advanced camera when you are intent on capturing the growing years of your kids. Do click photographs on iPhone certainly, but you can always capture the naughty moments via a pretty basic camera on your mobile phone too.

Forget trying to tinker with the settings in the hope of finding the right focus and perfect light settings. Your baby will never repeat those movements, so go click-click with abandon and create memorable videos even with the ordinary phone camera you use every day.


The picture of your baby has to be perfect, right? So, what are those ugly black bars doing on either side of the video? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. You are sure to find the video clips surrounded by black bars when you shoot vertically.

Turn your phone the other way, and capture the video horizontally instead. There! The black bars will disappear for good as the video fills the entire screen.

The tip for the day is to shoot a baby video horizontally every single time so that you capture every detail of their movement.

home video of kids

More Is Good

You are eager to capture every single movement of your baby. Go ahead, and hit the record button at the right moment. But sometimes, you are likely to miss the exact second when that movement happens. So, keep recording a bit longer so that you have enough footage to edit out and fine-tune the video afterwards. Snip off the extra bits while editing. Now you have a compact and enjoyable video that you can show off to the rest of the family.

Free Up Your Phone

Try to declutter your phone by unloading the videos and storing them on the cloud. Better still, unload the lot by transferring them to your laptop. You may have to use a portable hard drive to accommodate all the videos.

Free up the space on your mobile phone, and organize the videos neatly into a newly created folder on your laptop. Name each file meaningfully, and keep them organized neatly so they can be found easily whenever you need them later.

Video Editing

Video editing is the crux of keeping all your videos intact without consuming extra space on your device. Use a quality video editor that allows you to do basic editing. You can use iMovie if you have a MacBook.

Upgrade the editor based on your video editing needs and preference. If you’re looking for advanced video editing options, you can try out Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro, InVideo. 

filming kids while moving


It helps to be clear about the objective right from the beginning. What are your goals behind creating the videos? Do you want to create these videos for your personal viewing, or are you eager to share them with the entire family and your friends? Choose the right platform for sharing these videos by considering the best fit.

You may want to share the videos on Facebook or Instagram or create a YouTube channel to showcase them. Make sure to check the privacy settings and choose the right options. For cinema style videos you may want to turn on cinematic mode in iphone. Share the videos directly from the editing tool to your chosen platform. This way, you also have access to the link that you created. Easy-Peasy!

Time Matters

Remember that the attention span of today’s internet generation is limited. You may find your baby to be the cutest creature in the world, but not everyone will share this opinion. If you want viewers to remain interested in your videos, it is wise to keep the videos short and succinct. Limit each video to 2 minutes, and you are good to go.

There Is No Right or Wrong Way

Follow your heart to capture these great moments. While video making may be an art, you only hope to create memories that will last for a long time. Watch your baby smile, cry, mumble, or try to walk carefully, falling over as she does it. Enjoy the moment, for it is not going to come back, ever.

Have fun while trying to create these videos. Send the link to your friends and family to make them smile. You may find that this compilation of videos makes a perfect gift for an ailing family member or someone who is far away from home. Relive the day, a decade from now, and enjoy a good laugh with the entire clan.

making home made movies

Watch & Learn

Practice makes perfect, right? Well, you cannot practice while trying to make baby videos, as the moment gets lost once your child is reluctant to repeat her movements. There is an alternative, though. Go through YouTube videos created by others, and try to learn from the tips that have been shared.

There is a treasure trove of ‘how-to’ videos online, too. Use the most effective tips to create the best home videos of your kids. You can also visit forums that discuss frequently asked questions to clear all the doubts that you may have.

Make Memories

Make memories by capturing every single movement of your kids, and enjoy the experience wholeheartedly. Display the winning moments by sharing the video link on social media! Do not forget to use the best video editor to save space on your phone, either.

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