8 Youngest Esports Pros of All Time

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The popularity of e-sports has given the professional circuit an honorable credibility. Parents are even encouraging their youngsters to spend hours practicing their tactics in games such as CSGO. Many e-sports professionals were once child prodigies.

Youngest Esports Pros

1. Joao “Snowzin” Vinicius

In 2020, Joao “Snowzin” Vinicius of Brazil became the youngest ever CSGO professional player. He has devoted many hours practicing his favorite game, which has some of the best weapon skins for CSGO. Snowzin’s playing skills brought him to the attention of Boom E-sports who signed him for the Gamers Club Masters V tournament.

2. Scott “Scottgandhi” Lussier

ScottGandhi competed in the science-fiction classic, Halo, for four years before turning professional in 2006 at the age of seventeen. His played for Team Carbon until 2009 when he became an e-sports commentator. ScottGandhi famously invented the Gandhi Hop, a tricky maneuver where characters leap and crouch in the air while firing from the hip.

3. Lee “Flash” Young Ho

Flash began his professional career in Starcraft at the age of Fourteen. He was enlisted by the KT Rolster team and often used as a reserve player. Flash could handle the pressure of close finishes so well that he secured many last minute victories for the team.

4. Ludwig “Zai” Wahlberg

Zai has enjoyed a varied e-sports career. In 2012, aged just fourteen, he began playing Heroes of Newerth as a member of Team Secret. After becoming an expert in Dota 2, he took a break to complete his education. He briefly played for Kaipi before returning to Team Secret.

5. Leonardo “Mkleo” Lopez Perez

As a child prodigy, MkLeo had been competing in tournaments since the age of eight. Specializing in Super Smash Bros, he made an impression when he won the Smash Master 4 tournament in Mexico. Consequently, at the age of fifteen, MkLeo was invited to become an Echo Fox team member.

6. “Maru” Cho Seong-Ju

Maru was just thirteen when he made his televised debut in the Global Starcraft 2 League. He still holds the record for being the youngest ever GSL player. Maru is a respected Terran character specialist and became the first player to win four consecutive GSL titles. His team is Jin Air Green.

7. Benedict “Mrkcool” Ward

Based in Great Britain, MrKcool’s e-sports career began at the age of thirteen. His game of choice was Vainglory. At first, he found competitive matches intimidating, but soon became as cool as his name when he realized great e-sports play depends on talent not age.

8. Victor “Lil Poison” de Leon

Lil Poison is entered in the Guiness of Records as the youngest professional e-sports player of all time. He was just seven when he signed a Major League gaming contract. Almost two decades later, Lil Poison now plays Fortnite for Mantra E-Sports.

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