8 Ways to Get Body Confident and Ready for Your Vacation

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All tired moms deserve a vacation. Consider it your reward for an entire year of running around, cooking dinners, making beds, cleaning, and taking care of (just about) everything else under the sun. a vacation gives you the chance to unwind, to put your feet up, to top up your tan so you don’t look like you’ve fallen into a vat of PVA glue. 

But, tired moms also feel like they are not ready for a vacation. Sure, they are counting down the seconds until they can get beside a pool or lounge on a deck chair at the beach, yet they don’t feel confident enough to strip down to their bathing suit, especially surrounded by much younger women. This body confidence is something everyone experiences, so don’t feel like you are stuck feeling this way. 

Fix The Easy Stuff 

Achieving body confidence can feel like a long and arduous journey. If you’re going on vacation soon, it can seem like there isn’t enough time for you to look your best and reach your vision of perfection

You might not manage to tick everything off your body confidence checklist, but this shouldn’t mean you should abandon it altogether. Fixing the small stuff, like getting your hair colored or cleaning yourself up at places like Infinity Laser Spa, can create a confident foundation to build on before you focus on other things. 

Find A Routine That Works For You 

It could have been a long time since you visited a gym or pulled your leggings on before working up a sweat. After all, you have kids to take care of, and this can encompass more hours than you’ve ever spent awake in your life. 

But, finding the time to exercise and create a routine that works for you needn’t be so difficult. It can be tight for sure, but a quick workout here and there when the kids are asleep or before they get home from school can help you witness small but noticeable changes. If you can maintain consistency, you’ll transform your fitness and body image quicker than expected.

Pick Clothes That Match Your Body 

Many moms have not had the chance to update their wardrobe in years. So, when they finally put something on, especially what was once their favorite outfit, it looks nothing like they remember. If you’re searching for a confidence knock, there are few better ways to find it than something like this.

Picking clothes that match your body shape – however much that’s changed over the years – will help you feel more confident in your appearance and make you excited for your vacation. Whether you pick form-fitting styles or flowy dresses, there is always the chance to look better and feel better, too. 

Know How You Want to Look 

You can also struggle to feel confident in your style because you don’t have any idea about how you want to look. You might have a mish-mash of styles and colors that make your overall outfit distracting and seem randomly generated, like a video game character. 

If you know the style you want to present, you’ll find it easier to look good and boost your confidence. Perhaps your days of looking like a stylish young woman are over, but that doesn’t mean your days of being a stylish mom are finished. If anything, now is your chance to cement your styler for the next decade. 

Get Off Instagram

If there’s one piece of advice anyone should listen to when struggling with body confidence, it’s to get off Instagram and all other social media platforms. There has been enough said about the myriad of body image problems that occur due to repeated use of the site, and this is bound to contribute to how you feel. 

Even though most people know that everything you see on the Gram is edited down to the smallest details (including the clouds in some cases), it can still make people feel they aren’t good enough. But, you are good enough, and Instagram should not alter that fact. 

Don’t Starve Yourself 

If you’re struggling to achieve your desired bikini body look, you may feel like you don’t need to have breakfast or lunch. Or, you might take a smaller portion for dinner. However, starving yourself is never the answer. Doing so can create an unhealthy habit that becomes something you rely on when you don’t feel good enough. It shouldn’t need to be said again, but you are good enough, so look for healthy meal options and workout routines if you want to cut your weight. 

Try Something Different 

Being body confident is not solely about looking thin or having glowing skin. You can also feel better about yourself by trying a new outfit or style, especially if it’s something you’ve always wanted to try. This style may have been hiding for years and you’ve avoided it because you didn’t want to rock the fashion boat too much. Now, though, you don’t have anyone to answer to, and if you think you’ll look sharp, there’s no reason not to go for it.  

Own It  

You may arrive at the day right before you head off on vacation, whether this is to the beach, into the city, or high up into the mountains where no one can bother you. It might be that you haven’t achieved any of your goals, or at least not as much as you wanted to ensure you’re ready for your vacation. 

It’s tempting to feel bad, but a better approach would be to ask yourself who cares. Owning it is something not enough people do. All that matters is that you think you look your best, as this will generate natural confidence. You don’t need to look like everyone else. You simply need to look like your vision of exceptional. 

Flowing Confidence 

You already know that confidence is tricky to achieve, and what many people consider perfect still makes you feel like you have a long way to go. With these tips, you will feel confidence flowing. You’ll know you look good, and you will be happy with your body. For many, discovering this confidence is the last crucial piece of the puzzle you need. This is because, above all else, confidence radiates

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