8 Tips for Matching Tights With Any Outfit

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Tights are a must-have item in any woman’s closet, as they can transform any outfit from drab to fab in an instant. And since they come in different colors, textures, patterns, and densities, the wide variety of tights gives women an avenue to express their unique personalities and style.

Besides being a fashion staple, tights also provide functional purposes. They protect one’s legs from the harmful rays of the sun, and they can keep a person warm and cozy during colder weather. Tights also provide ample skin coverage to help many women feel more confident about wearing skirts and shorts. These garments are also great at concealing minor skin imperfections. Given all these remarkable benefits, it’s not surprising that tights remain a beloved favorite among fashion moguls and celebs.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try wearing tights but aren’t sure about how to pull them off. Or maybe you’re searching for ideas on how to rock a pair so that you can use your favorite tights more often. Either way, we’ve got you covered. This article will give you tips on how to pair various types of tights with the different outfits in your closet.

Sheer Tights

Pair Sheer Tights with Formal and Semi-Formal Outfits

If you’re attending formal, semi-formal, or similar functions that require you to wear your dressier outfits, take your cue from the Duchess of Cambridge and pair your ensemble with sheer tights. Sheer pairs look great under cocktail dresses, long gowns, and other fancy outfits. Opt for muted hues that blend well with your overall ensemble to create a classy, polished look. Graphite, dark-gray, or mocha are some of your best options, as these colors complement both dark and light clothing pieces.

Opt for Sheer Pairs When Wearing Lightweight Clothing Pieces

Sheer tights also go well with lightweight clothes and summery dresses. Given this, you can also wear them during warmer weather to give your legs a flawless look. Try pairing seamless black tights with your favorite flowy dresses or the classic little black dress for a sexy vibe during date nights. If you want a confidence boost as you go about your day, try wearing a sheer pair in a slightly darker shade than your skin tone to give your legs a lovely sun-kissed glow.

Opaque Tights

Wear Opaque Tights with Outfits Made of Thicker Fabrics

Because opaque tights are thicker, they pair well with clothing pieces made of denser materials. You can wear them under clothing pieces made of knitted wool, velvet, or denim fabrics. Be sure to choose an opaque pair that complements the color of your outfit to stay chic and classy. Try to invest in high-quality opaque tights in black, navy, and dark gray, as these hues can enhance any type and color of clothes.

Tone Down a Flashy Ensemble with a Pair of Black Opaque Tights 

Perhaps you have a sequined dress, a bright-colored graphic blouse, or other statement pieces that you hardly wear because they’re too flashy. If so, you can combine such outfits with a pair of black opaque tights to transform them from tacky to classy in a heartbeat. The color black can tone down any flamboyant outfit and prevent it from looking messy and visually overwhelming. For a more fashionable and put-together appearance, pair your black opaque tights with black heeled boots.

Colored or Patterned Tights

When in Doubt, Go for a Monochromatic Look

Although tights in teal, pink, and other mood-boosting colors look fun and inviting, they’re somewhat tricky to style. Make just one mistake, and you can end up looking like a character from a musical play. So, if you have tights in vivid colors, wear them under a monochromatic ensemble.

Try putting together different clothing pieces in soft hues like cream or light gray. The neutral background will make your colored tights pop without being too visually distracting. For instance, you can wear a cream turtleneck knitted sweater, a cream pleated skirt, and a pair of turquoise leggings. Then, you can complete the look by putting on a pair of high heels that match your outfit.

Try Patterned Tights When Wearing Simple Outfits

Do you want to breathe new life into your plain or boring clothing pieces? Try wearing a pair of printed or patterned tights for a change. Such tights are great options that can add a dash of spice to any plain-colored outfit.

For instance, you can wear black floral tights under a cashmere sweater dress in a neutral hue to add a bit of glam and oomph to your ensemble. If you’re hesitant about trying out flashy fashionable tights, you can start with a pair that features a low-key design. Try a black pair with mini polka dots or diamond patterns, as these go well with solid-colored clothes.

Nude Tights

Consider Wearing Nude Tights with Short Skirts and Dresses

Nude tights are your style companion if you want to showcase a flawless bare-legged look while wearing short skirts and dresses. That said, remember that nude tights aren’t created equally. Like other leg coverings, they come in various shades and finishes. If you desire a natural, barely visible look, find pairs that match your skin tone perfectly. Make sure you also opt for a slightly matte finish that provides just the right amount of leg shimmer and glow.

Opt for Nude Pairs to Complete Your Office Attire

Regardless of dress code and season, you can hardly go wrong pairing nude tights with your professional outfits. After all, they go well with practically any type of clothing since they create the illusion that you aren’t wearing any leg coverings. Wear them under your pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, and other business ensembles to boost your confidence and fashion game.

Hopefully, this piece gave you the resolve and inspiration to take your favorite tights out from your closet drawers and wear them more often. While you can certainly use the tips mentioned here as a guide, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks that showcase your personality. Who knows? You might realize that those colored and patterned tights you’ve been avoiding all these years are the key to expressing your unique style all along.

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