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Is your kitchen in dire need of a remodel? Perhaps it’s starting to feel a little outdated and could do with some functionality improvements. Maybe you just want it to perform a little better in the looks department.

Either way, you don’t have to execute a full-fledged renovation to make your kitchen a more attractive and enjoyable space. Here are eight simple and budget-friendly kitchen upgrades that you can make today.

Clean Up

One of the most painless and effective ways to make a kitchen look better is to simply clean it up. A quick wash and declutter job is a great way to bring your kitchen back to life, all without spending any money.

Clean-Kitchen | Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

Start by organizing pottery, crockery, and cutlery into their appropriate spaces. Then, get rid of any grease, grime, and grout before finishing off with a polish. By cleaning everything up first, it’ll be easier to identify where to focus next.

Add Some Art

Nobody said that art is only for the living room, yet that tends to be where it remains in most homes. If your kitchen walls are looking a little blank or weathered, some clean and minimal canvas work can make a world of a difference.

Kitchen-Art-1 | Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

It doesn’t have to be particularly lavish or detailed. If anything, less is more here.

Upgrade Smaller Essentials

Some smaller items can stick out like a sore thumb and dull the look of your kitchen. More often than not, they’re also the cheapest to replace. Whether it means switching from plastic to glass containers, picking up a stylish new toaster or upgrading your knife set, there should be a few opportunities to make this happen.

Ipad-recipe-Stand | Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

You don’t necessarily have to purchase something completely new, either. For example, you can bring some life back to your wooden kitchen accessories by performing a quick oil-up job. Get started with the most common and visible accessory by learning the right way to oil cutting board.

Plug-in New Lighting

Lighting is extremely important in the kitchen, but making any upgrades usually involves dealing with electricity and circuit breakers. Fortunately, you can skip the dangerous business and up your kitchen’s visibility factor with a pendant light. Stores like Home Depot offer plenty of options that can simply be plugged into a normal outlet.

Hang More Shelves

A few extra shelving units will not only provide more storage and allow you to add more breathing space between your accessories but also serve as an ideal spot for some decorative touches. You can go for something a little more detailed to fill the gaps or opt for a modern floating design to keep things clean.

Upgrade Your Faucet

Your faucet can make your kitchen feel modern and elegant or plain and outdated. A simple upgrade will make the dish-washing area sparkle with pride. Best of all, it won’t cost much.

New-Kitchen-units | Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

Pick up Plants

Plants tend to have a knack for making any room look more attractive – and the kitchen is no exception. Your easiest option would be to simply pick some up on Amazon because, of course, they sell them in every imaginable variation. Strike a balance between form and function by going for hearty options like Spider plants, English Ivy, and Aloe Vera.

Install Under-Cabinet Lights

As dirt cheap as they are, LED strip lights are a great way to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen, while also serving a useful purpose. At night, LEDs can add a unique sense of ambiance, especially if you opt for a set that can change color. They’re also extremely easy to install and can be cut to any size.


So, there you have it – eight simple solutions to a more stylish and functional kitchen. We hope that they’ll serve you well in your redecorating journey.