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8 Romantic Dates that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s sometimes hard to find the time to show your loved one how you feel, and when the time finally comes, the pressure to spend your savings on an overpriced and generic night out can take the flavour out of the time you should be cherishing together.  

The next time you have an evening or weekend off with your special someone why not try one of these alternatives.  They’re not just easy on your purse but also fun and spontaneous ways of keeping the flame burning bright.

Go for a Picnic

Sandwiches and crisps have never been so romantic!  Find a local park or beauty spot, clear your schedule for an afternoon and head out for a leisurely day complete with blankets, baskets and maybe a bit of wine for good measure!

Date Ideas On A Budget Picnic

Late Night Walks

Have you ever tried replacing a date with a late night walk in a peaceful place?  Even familiar places change at night, especially when you are the only ones there.  A little peace and solitude can do wonders for your relationship.  Try to find a place in nature or with beautiful lighting!

 Cook Together

Nothing is sexier than getting your hands dirty, turning up the heat (of the cooker), and creating something delicious together. The Date Night Cookbook by Rebecca Warbis is a great way to start things off.  It’s full of fun and flirty recipes that are sure to lead to memorable nights in the kitchen.

Date Ideas On A Budget Cooking

Have a Movie Night

I’m not talking about the movies that you watch with the kids every weekend; I’m talking about a night just for the grown-ups.  Put the children to bed, order your favourite takeaway or delivery and relax in your loved-one’s arms.


Doing some good in the community and giving back with your partner can revitalise a relationship better than most romantic gestures.  The gratification that comes from volunteering is truly fulfilling, and nothing makes your heart swell like seeing your partner feeding a kitten or helping a child in need.

Read Together

This isn’t really a date, but it can really help to bring couples closer together.  Find an interest that you have in common, and choose a book to read together.  You can spend some time each week talking about your opinion of the story, and if it was made into a movie, you have an excuse for another date once you’ve finished!

Give Massages

Our love is best communicated through touch, and the fine art of touch is definitely massage.  Turn down the lights, put on some relaxing music and give each other full-body massages.  When you’re finished, draw a bath and light some candles.  Who knows what will happen next!

Date Ideas On A Budget Massage

Have a Beach Date

Depending on where you live this might need to be a weekend away, but going to the beach without the kids always leaves me feeling renewed for days.  Wear a bathing suit and go swimming together before snuggling up on the hot sand.  Don’t forget to apply each other’s sun cream (for safety reasons, of course!).

I hope you like these fantastic tips for date night. Do let me know what you think?

Angela x