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How to introduce a 70’s style to your interiors

Known for its burnt oranges and bold shades of brown, décor in the 1970’s wasn’t one that many people consider incorporating into their interiors today. Aside from the garish floral patterns on the table clothes to the curtains, there are a few elements of 70’s décor that are worth remembering. There are so many design styles around today that are inspired by the forgotten designs from that era, such as Bohemian features, which can add a beautiful touch to your home and add an infusion of 1970’s fever.

Terrazzo’s Back

Known as a budget option in the 1970’s, Terrazzo was ideal for durable flooring in the home. Terrazzo consists of chips or marble, quartz, granite, glass and other materials that are formed together to create a durable surface. Now, we’re not saying that you should introduce this peculiar feature to your homes, but the design itself is quite unique.

The actual colouring and design of Terrazzo has now been incorporated into quality wallpapers and fabrics to add a touch of the 70’s to your décor without having to actually bring the original Terrazzo features back too. The speckled design that the Terrazzo wallpaper brings enhances interiors and is great for adding a splash of colour to the room.

We spoke to industry expert Ken Code from Milford’s Building Supplies who explained that “incorporating a vibrant wallpaper style to your décor can completely change the overall feel within the room, it’s a great way of mixing past styles with new and creating a really unique look”. 

Bohemian Styles

As a style that’s been enhancing homes for many years, bohemian interior features were actually hugely popular throughout the 70’s. The ‘boho’ vibes embody the typical hippy chic, reminiscing about the floral headbands and braided hair, not to mention the tassels and knitted look.

There are so many unique ways in which you can add bohemian styles to your home, from your curtains to the cushions on the sofa.

Woven styles are a huge hit when it comes to bohemian styles and after doing a little digging, we found some gorgeous decorative items available on Etsy that really capture the 70’s bohemian style and are guaranteed to bring your home to life. 

70's style

Colour Palettes

As mentioned previously, browns and oranges dominated the interior world through the 70’s, but there are a few key colours that were used back then and are still a popular option now.

Starting with the avocado green, this soft shade is ideal for adding a bright touch to your living areas, complemented by darker furniture pieces and neutral artwork. Similarly, mustard yellow is another great option which is seen through many interior styles still today.

You may find it difficult to venture out into these brighter colours, but if you get in touch with Dulux’s Decorator Centre, you can get some expert advice on which colours are going to work best for you and also how to style them!

Houseplant Paradise

It isn’t 70’s inspired décor unless you have a selection of beautiful houseplants to enhance your home. Houseplants became a huge hit in the 70’s, with many environmentalists becoming more and more fascinated by the concept.

Not only are houseplants great for bringing life to your home, but they bring a lot of benefits too. From eliminating dust levels, to helping you breathe better, houseplants are a must have in every home.

If you struggle to keep your houseplants alive most of the time, it may be worth investing in some smaller plants that require less maintenance to get yourself started and use to the whole watering process.  

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