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Getting good healthcare for your family is vital, and the care that you receive can differ across the UK, even with the added bonus of the NHS. Whether finding good healthcare is attending the doctors when needed, or finding the best surgery in your area, here are some tips on getting the care that your family needs.

Report Medical Negligence

With a £65 billion medical negligence bill in 2018, medical negligence cases occur more often than you might expect, and can have a negative impact on the quality of the care that your family receives on the NHS or through private healthcare. If your family has experienced issues such as prescription errors, it is vital that you seek legal action and contact the NHS complaints procedure to ensure that your family can get the compensation that they deserve

Consider Private Healthcare

The NHS is under mounting pressure and suffering from budget cuts, which can make the waiting lists for treatments long while reducing the quality of care that you receive. Then, you should consider taking out private health insurance to ensure that any conditions that your family contract can be treated as quickly as possible, without a negative impact on their health.

Visit the Doctor Regularly 

You should ensure that your family attends the doctor’s regularly when they are displaying symptoms of illness and for annual health checks. This will ensure that any health conditions are caught as early as possible, ensuring that they can be treated easily and effectively, that the need for surgery is reduced, and that your family’s quality of life can remain consistent. 

Find the Best Surgery in Your Area 

In your catchment area, you will find that there are many different surgeries that you are eligible to attend, especially if you live in a highly-populated area. Then, when deciding which surgery to apply to, it is important that you consider factors such as distance, appointment availability, and the services that they are able to provide.

Choose Healthcare Options Wisely 

When your family member is ill, you should ensure that they receive the best treatment by choosing your care option wisely. For instance, you should attend A and E if your loved one has been injured and needs urgent attention, but you should find a Minor Injuries Unit near you if your loved one has a small injury that is affecting their quality of life. You should book a doctor’s appointment for more general queries, and only phone 999 in life-threatening emergencies.

Look at Stats in Different Areas

Before you decide to move house, you should look at the NHS stats for each area in the UK to ensure that you are relocating to an area that offers high-quality NHS care for your family. For instance, you should check your area in terms of mental health targets, hospital admissions, and cancer care to ensure that goals were met.

Check Your Eligibility for Schemes

As well as non-means tested services, you should check whether you are eligible to receive any paid NHS services for free, such as optician appointments and prescription charges, as many of these are means-tested and allow low-income families to get the same level of care as others.

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