7 Reasons to Visit With Grandma as Often as You Can

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Although opportunities to visit grandparents were limited this past year due to the pandemic, more people can see their loved ones now that America is slowly opening up and vaccinations are out. Often, people are guilty of not visiting their grandparents enough. 

Fortunately, technology has kept lines of communication open over this past year. However, it was still a lonely time for everyone. Nothing replaces an in-person visit with grandma, though. 

When your children spend time with their grandmother, they experience a positive impact on their lives. Having that loving relationship creates a bond that is hard to break between the grandparent and grandchild. Here are seven reasons to visit with grandma as often as you can.

1. You’ll Learn From Her

First and foremost, your child will learn so much from their grandma. Grandmothers have lived much longer than their grandchildren and have had major life experiences, filled with things they have seen and done. 

They’ve dated, bought a house, made mistakes and learned how to live. They can give some of the best advice, too. Grandmas know precisely what their grandkids are going through, despite the generational difference. They are some of the wisest people on the planet, so the more time you spend with them, the more life advice you’ll gain.

2. She Loves to Spoil Her Grandkids

Another reason to visit grandma as often as possible is that she loves to spoil her grandkids. Grandmothers are done with actual parenting. In their stage of life, they get to simply love on their grandchildren, and often, they’ll say yes to things you might say no to for your kids. 

She’ll get them treats, new clothes or a favorite toy. She’ll also give them the best cuddles. There’s something special about a hug from grandma. When grandma embraces her grandchild, both of them experience a release of oxytocin, which brings feelings of love, safety and bonding.

3. Your Kids Will Learn to Respect the Elderly

The more time your kids spend with their grandma, the more likely they’ll respect the elderly in general. Each interaction they have with their grandmother will turn into a lesson of respect. Your kids will learn how to slow down, speak loudly and clearly and understand that older adults are in a different stage of life. 

Additionally, your children will begin to understand that the little acts of kindness matter to their grandmother. They’ll learn compassion and patience as they wait for their grandma to maneuver or complete a task.

4. She’ll Be Less Lonely

Unfortunately, older adults combat loneliness each day. The older a person gets, the smaller their circle of friends and family gets, too. Grandma may not have as many friends as she once did due to them passing away or moving to another location. 

Over 10 million Americans over 65 years old live alone. If your child’s grandma is in that category, you need to ensure they visit her as much as possible. No one wants to be alone or uncared for — a visit, whether expected or unexpected, from her grandchild will certainly make her day and make her less lonely.

5. You Can Access Family History

Grandparents come with a wealth of information about family history. By visiting grandma, you might learn about your ancestors and find out exciting information about your family. Additionally, you may learn essential details about your health history that can help prevent later disease or health issues. As technology and travel have advanced over the years, family history and genealogy have become more widespread.

It’s so easy now to preserve all of the stories and information you hear from grandma. Your kids can take time to sit with her and interview her about your family history. They can write it down or even record her as she tells how her family got to America, what famous person you’re distantly related to, or she might even share the secret family recipe for chocolate cake. 

6. You’ll Never Leave Hungry

Grandma’s have a knack for filling tummies before their grandchildren leave. Whether she has a stash full of candy in a drawer in her kitchen or whether she whips up a delicious lunch, your kids will never leave her house hungry. Ever. 

Grandmas always have food in their cupboards. They’re always willing to cook exactly what your child wants when they come for a visit. It might not be the healthiest thing in the world, but it’s made with love. It’s free, and it’s delicious. Plus, your kids might learn how to cook from watching her, which is an added bonus! 

7. She Won’t Be Around Forever

Someday, she won’t be around. You never know when your loved one will be taken away. That’s why it’s so important to live in the moment and ensure your children get quality time with your grandmother. 

If you aren’t close enough to visit her often, make sure your kids pick up the phone and call her or use a video call feature to talk with her. She has so much wisdom and love to share, so use your time wisely and have your kids spend time with their grandma.

A Grandma’s Love Is Like Nobody Else’s

Grandmothers hold a special place in the lives of their grandchildren. When you have free time, use it to take your kids to their grandma’s house. They’ll come back with full stomachs, the best stories, feeling loved and a closer bond with their grandma.

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