7 Professions Highly in Demand in 2022

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For those looking for a job or trying to decide what career path to take, it’s important to know the professions that are most in demand in 2022 and that are destined to grow. 

Here are some of the most paying professions you can try your luck with.

Professions Highly in Demand in 2022

Web Developer

This is among the most in demand job in the market right now and, because of that, web developers have a very good salary. Your main work will be designing and running software tests to make the world better. Every time you get something from the web and be satisfied, you should thank web developers. You will be involved in security requirements, software program development and helping programmers when writing codes. 

Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialist plays an important role in almost every company, especially if they interact online. This job description helps companies protect their and their customers’ data. According to research, cybercrime has increased from 2020 to 2021, showing the demand for this job. 

Nurse Practitioners

It is projected to increase by 52% in hiring. You can expect to get about £25-£30K per year and be among the most important people in society regarding saving lives. All nurses regarded as advanced practice registered nurses can offer primary and specialty healthcare routines. 

Market Research Analyst

You can consider a market research analyst job if you always find business trends interesting. Fortunately or unfortunately, you will have to love graphs, data and charts. Market research analyst has the work to compile, research and analyse information on market condition and products to determine sales opportunities and potential new market. Also, ensure your work personality can be detail-oriented, strong communication skills and analytical. 

AI Specialist

Based on the LinkedIn emerging jobs report, AI specialist hiring has grown by 74% over the past four years. The good thing about this role is that it is seeing growth in almost all industries and shows good signs of continuing into 2022. Artificial intelligence professionals can work in different industries, but their skills are most needed in IT and computer programming. Their job description entails developing and improving AI-based products and services. 

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

This job title is under the human resource department. No company or organisation will lack an HR department, whether it is in a non-profit organisation, education or healthcare. With diversity, equity and inclusion at the back of the mind, the role of specialists is to increase equity, diversity and inclusion within an organisation.

Cloud Engineer

Technically, all organisations and companies store data and information in the cloud. Therefore, a career in cloud engineering will be an important aspect in 2022 across all industries. Sectors like IT, financial services and telecommunication need this professional the most.

In the end always remember that it is crucial to be happy in your career, so try to find something that suits your personality and interests! 

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