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7 Design Secrets That Make Your Home Relaxing

With the busy, fast-paced life that we live today, not many people have the luxury to stop and smell the roses. Think about the last time you had a relaxing day at home besides having the occasional glass of wine while reading a book. Do you feel relaxed every time you come home from work? If your answer to that question is no, then this article is for you. You deserve to have not just one relaxing day, but every day after working so hard, you need to come back to a serene environment. Peace and calm are not only found while on vacation. After reading and applying the design secrets below, you will know how to transform your home to a relaxing sanctuary.

Experiment with color

You don’t have to re-paint your whole house, but then again, why not? To start with, you can choose to change the color of at least one wall in your living room or wherever you spend the most time in your home. Neutral colors such as grey, beige, cool blue, and greens are recommended to create a relaxing home. Bright colors tend to energize, and dark colors are dull.

Let the light in

Natural light can work wonders on your spirit. If you are blocking any natural light from entering your home with furniture or drapes, that needs to stop. Daylight is not only when the sun is out, but it’s also when there is light during the day. Keep the curtains open and have more large windows to let in the light.

design secrets to let in the light

Indoor water fountain

Wall fountains are a great way to add value to your home and improve the quality of air.  Water fountains also brighten and add to the completeness of your design. They scream luxury, but most of all, relaxation, as you listen to the waterfall in the background. Wall fountains are great stress relievers and enhance relaxation in the house. If too much insulation has denied you the joy of hearing raindrops on your roof, a wall water fountain can quickly fix that.

Layer textures

Have you heard of the term flat lighting in cinematography? If it is not intentional, it can make a whole scene boring. It is the same when it comes to the different pieces of furniture in your home. Mix textures up and keep them neutral, as we have discussed earlier in this article. Have a bit of rustic wood furniture and a rug made of fur to keep it exciting and relaxing.

Create space

Space is equal to freedom. and is one of my top design secrets.  If your home feels crowded yet you live alone, it’s time to get rid of that other end table you don’t use. If you are living in a small space, think about getting a storage ladder instead of a shelf, so you create more living space. Companies today are creating smart pieces that are both aesthetic and functional when it comes to limited space.

Rid yourself of all clutter

Are you surrounded by too many things that you don’t need? Those decorations on the wall might look nice, but deep down, you know it’s too much. It might be time for you to narrow it down to the best two or one. Getting rid of clutter in your home is the first step to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your home. It’s okay to have one centerpiece on your table and two art pieces or antiques on the shelf. By getting rid of clutter, you are also getting rid of unconscious chaos. Try it and see how much calmer you will experience, not only in your home but in other areas of your life.


Scents are one of the quickest ways to create a relaxing home. The right scent can change your mood, relieve stress, clean the air, and even prevent illness. You can improve the smell of your home by buying scented candles, having plants in your home, or introducing some essential oils in your air conditioning can at home. Some of the most recommended essential oils are frankincense, neroli, and bergamot oils. You can also start with something as simple as lavender oil to create a relaxing environment in your home. Green plants are also quite therapeutic. They clean the air and are less stressful to the eye, according to scientists.

If you can’t do all the above, start with the simplest of them all, aromatherapy and getting rid of clutter. The most important thing, however, when it comes to creating a relaxing home is to surround yourself with the things you love.