6 Tools That Will Help You Make Delicious Coffee at Home

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and one of the most sold commodities in the modern age. Coffee generally has a long history and is deeply integrated into several cultures around the world, however, never has it been consumed and sold in such large quantities as in the modern age. Coffee shops now offer hundreds of different coffee-based drinks, and it, therefore, has preceded its humble beginnings.

However, some of us prefer to drink their coffee at home, within the four walls of our cozy living room, yet it seems we can never replicate that recognizable local Starbucks taste. What seems to be the problem?

Maybe, we are not using the right tools, therefore keep reading to find out more about some helpful items you need to make a proper cup of this delicious beverage. 

Water filter 

It seems odd to put this on the list, quite unconventional, however, coffee still remains more than 90% water and the rest is the precious coffee extract we love and adore. Now, proper water quality is essential to making a proper cup of coffee of course, and as most of us are using tap water, it can drastically influence the taste and grade of the drink.

Tap water is also known to have high levels of chlorine, often put to kill bacteria and make it safe, however, it shapes and changes the way the coffee smells and feels on the tongue.

Chlorine additionally can create scale in the tubes of the coffee machine you have, which over time can sell the tubes and give the coffee a disgusting taste.

Therefore, prevent all of this by using a water filter, cleansing the water from excessive chlorine and pollutants.

If you happen to own a coffee machine with a water tank, just use mineral bottled water instead, and you’ll be on the safe side.  Plus, according to Above Average Coffee using bottled water if you’re in a hard water area will increase the lifespan of your coffee maker

The right espresso machine 

People often think having an espresso machine is more than enough for a delicious cup of their favorite drink, however, the taste really depends on the machine you have. 

Every machine has differences in its particular specification and the most important ones are the amount of pressure it can produce, steam, and water filtration. Some coffee machines have low pressure, this is more than visible if the coffee happens to run down fast, without enough cream or bitterness. 

This simply means the water just passed through the coffee without extracting essentially the real “coffee” or what gives it its taste. Proper pressure must be applied for a better result and final product.

Others, however, have the exact pressure needed to make the coffee taste good and smell good, for example, DeLonghi Espresso machines have a long reputation and tradition, making them one of the most popular and favorite available.

Also, look for the ones coming with an integrated mill, as this will allow you to always have fresh coffee, and it keeps the whole taste and aroma of the drink. 

A Roster 

Now, imagine if you could roast the coffee at home whenever you need it. A roaster, home edition, might seem over the top; however, for a proper cup of coffee with the full aroma and taste, it is an essential item.

Another plus is the beautiful smell spreading across the apartment when you are roasting the beans early in the morning before making the first cup. 

The Mill 

When it comes to mills, you have several options to choose from. Digital mills have become quite popular over the last several years as they give you the exact stated amount of coffee per serving.

You can always go for an old-school manual one, however, we do not recommend this unless you have more than 10 years of coffee-making experience.

The trick with the mill is establishing the grind. Smooth grinding is perfect for a shot of espresso, almost power-like, while French press and drip coffee do not require this. A well-functioning mill can influence the quality of the coffee. 


Coffee is all about grammage, hitting the exact needed amount for a proper cup. You’ll need a coffee scale to determine the right amount of coffee, for an espresso shot anywhere from 9 to 11 grams gives it a smooth taste, while 13 to 16 grams a pinch of bitterness and an extra “kick” to keep you awake. 

Coffee Filters for Drip Coffee

If you rather prefer having a larger cup of drip coffee, our recommendation is to make sure the filter you use is made from eco-friendly and quality materials. Because the filter is the one that lets the coffee through, it might have an impact on the overall flavor.

Last but not least, be sure to clean all the compartments of your home coffee maker from time to time. Avoid using chemical soups; water and a sponge will be enough. 

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