6 Tips to Uplift Your Home Lighting

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It is necessary to fix proper lighting in your home because all the important work that you do in your home somewhat depends on the environment and mood of the lighting that you have set up in your home. Professional interior designers will help you out more in this situation and guide you in choosing the correct lighting for your home. Here we got 6 easy tips to uplift your home lightning:

Home Lighting

1.     Change light fixtures of the room

If you want to uplift your home lighting in a stylish way, then try putting up smart light fixtures in your room. Keep in mind that do not fill the entire room with light fixtures; rather, place your lights where you need the guests’ attention. For example, you can set up a chandelier on top of your couch to gather the crowd and draw attention. You can always go for an easier and safer option like the entire collection present at Replica lights, and visiting them will surely help you to find the perfect lighting for your home.

For a more setting lighting effect, you can use little lanterns on the corners of the walls. If it is your bedroom and you have a little study set up in the corner of the room, then you can go for task lights. Task lights over the study and dim lights all over the room will look perfect. You should keep in mind that if you are an author or a student, you need the right light for reading- that is, soft light. You do not want bright colors in your bedroom, nor do you want dim colors in your study. Similarly, you cannot have dim lights in rooms such as the kitchen. You need sidelights in the washrooms and bathrooms.

2.     Sleek furniture

Remember that furniture plays an important part in setting up the lighting in your home. Try to avoid clumsy furniture as they absorb a lot of light and make the room look dull and gloomy. The best choice of furniture should be the sleek ones. Say you have an expensive painting in your house, and you want to show it off to guests, then you can always highlight these pieces of art. It could also be some old photograph that captured moments of your life.

3.     Put natural light

The more open your room is, the more natural light it will get, and the cleaner it will look if you are a person who likes to put minimal effort into an elegant look. Using too many different layers of lighting will spoil the style of the room, and it may make your guests uncomfortable. Minimal colors and lights are better than bright lights and colors. Always remember, a home should create a calming effect rather than an uncomfortable stressing effect.

4.     Shade of wall

The color scheme is as important as lights for uplifting the home décor. You should keep in mind that bright colors and bright lights do not look good together! For example, bright yellow light in a bright orange-colored room will be painful for the eyes. You can go for the subtle color of walls and dimmed lights to create a somber effect. So, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not only about the walls, but your floor and ceiling is going to make an impact as well (though particularly the floor and walls the most). So, if you’re able to opt for light colours for your floor, that would be great, and this goes for the rugs too. For instance, you can use a light grey rug for your floor, and it’s going to help with brightening up the space compared to something such as navy or a dark brown. 

5. Right light for the right room

You should know the right function of the room. For example, if it is your study room, you should provide it with bold lights and task lights- lights that will help you to focus on your work, rather than setting up chandeliers in your study room. For your living room, you can go for expensive chandeliers that will help to grow the ambiance of the place. For dining rooms, you have to go for subtle lights that will maintain the calm aura of the place.

6. Mirrors do the magic

Not only mirrors but any kind of reflective surface will beautify a room with lights. These mirrors will bounce the light particles around your room and make it look effortlessly efficient. Placing pieces of mirror on the walls of the living room will create an elegant look. Another modern concept of home décor is that the ceiling could be made of a reflective surface. The glossy top surface will reflect light throughout the room and make it look bright and delightful.

Final Thoughts

With these ways, we come to the end of our blog today and be sure that these can help you uplift your home lighting. Follow these tips and let us know in the comment section below how you liked the pro tips that we’ve come up with.

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