6 Minimalistic Ideas for a Small Apartment

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The number of design styles today is impressive. Some apartment owners want to be closer to nature, thus, they choose a country style. Others emphasize the functionality of their home turning to constructivism. Another approach that doesn’t lose its popularity over time is minimalism which stands for making the apartment more spacious yet cozy.

These days, the real estate market offers a variety of small housing. For studios and one-room apartments, minimalism is the best solution. The style allows you to visually increase the space and make it comfortable at the same time. In this article, we have collected some minimalist ideas. They will definitely make your interior more laconic and simple.

If you’re looking to incorporate these minimalist ideas into your living space, our team of specialists luxury apartments can guide you through the process. Whether you aim for a sleek, sophisticated design or a minimalist approach with a touch of luxury, our experts can tailor the perfect solution for your dream home.

Scandinavian style and minimalist designed living room interior scene in the evening. ( 3d render )

Interesting to Know

Minimalism became relatively famous in the mid-1960s. It was mainly influenced by Japanese architecture and design. The fans of this design get rid of the objects that are not deemed functional. 

In its original form, the minimalist interior is very strict and ascetic, but its modern concept is rather democratic. How? More and more designers go for decorative elements, color accents, and textiles.


Start with reconstruction – namely, it’s recommended to demolish unnecessary partitions and walls. In a studio apartment, you can remove the wall separating the hallway from the living room or combine the kitchen and living room to create a spacious studio apartment.


What is typical for minimalism? First of all, flat surfaces, straight lines, and soft natural colors such as grey, black, white, beige, or brown. The walls can be covered with textured plaster or monochromatic walls. You can also add decorative stone, wood paneling, glass, and mirrors. 

Wood is always the best option when it comes to hiding storage systems and wall fragments. Why? This material can’t bore you. Moreover, it brings a sense of calmness to any room.

For the floor, laminate or linoleum with a simple pattern will fit best. Solid-colored carpet also works well for this kind of interior. To visually increase the height of the room, go for glossy ceilings. Focus on natural light, choose glossy furniture surfaces and glass floors.

By the way, many design specialists use pure white less often and consider it too cold and depressing. Therefore, think about using the warm white shades.


The right light can change an apartment beyond recognition and we can’t agree more. Generally, lamps serve 2 purposes – emphasize the apartment’s spaciousness and highlight the main interior details. Therefore, the most relevant items are large geometric chandeliers or small spotlights.

In case you adore all kinds of floor and bedside lamps or bras, they can also suit you as long as their shape is simple and close to geometric.

Besides, reflected light is a unique detail of minimalism. To achieve this, direct the light source at a surface, which reflects the rays and gives them a new hue.


It’s simply impossible to imagine a minimalist apartment full of luxuries as this style requires brevity and rigor. This way, only the essentials should be visible and built-in wardrobes of simple shapes are great at solving this problem. Many drawers remain invisible and hide everything you need at the same time. 

When choosing furniture, give preference to sofas with rectangular backs. Armchairs and coffee tables should be close to a cubic shape.


Obviously, a minimalist interior doesn’t imply a lot of accessories. 

It’s better to decorate windows with roman or roller blinds of dim color. Horizontal or vertical blinds from Buy Blinds Online and other notable sellers also look good.. Designers recommend adding sculptures and vases of abstract shapes as well as paintings and photographs in simple frames.

For minimalism to not seem sterile and impersonal, it needs accents. Why not decorate one of the walls with paintings of your favorite artist, for example? Abstract artworks will look perfectly in such an apartment.

Also, this style stands for large forms in decor: so, when choosing vases and sculptures, give preference to sizes M, L, or XL. 

Textiles for curtains and bedspreads should be selected so that they dissolve in the interior, matching the shades of the walls or furniture. The main piece of advice is to buy them up at the very end of the renovation when the finishing materials and furniture are ready.

Remember that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring. Always work with textures, shapes, and graphics. Some professionals appreciate contrasts – for example, matte vs. glossy surfaces, wood vs. metal. All of them are part of the concept of luxurious simplicity. 

Free up Space

Reasonable consumption changes the approach to the number of items that we really use in everyday life. We realize that buying unnecessary staff is not only a waste of money but a waste of room after all. However, our apartments are often filled with things that are of no use – so, get rid of them now. Start with: 

• old invitations and cards;

• newspapers and magazines;

• outdated documents;

• samples of cosmetics;

• expired medicines;

• broken electronics and equipment.

To Wrap It Up

The minimalist design makes the rooms light and airy, and these are exactly the characteristics that small apartments need so much. Of course, to achieve this, you need to go through several stages, but the result is worth it. Having passed the way from reconstruction to a detailed selection of decor elements, you get a space that is surely comfortable to live in.

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