6 Ideas for a Spring Holiday to Remember

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The summer season is not quite here yet – but this shouldn’t put you off from planning an epic holiday! Whether you are looking to enjoy a romantic getaway with your other half, a girls’ trip with your friends, or a family holiday, the options are nearly endless! 

As the days are getting longer and warmer, spring is the best time to get away. Even better, the shoulder months are ideal to find exclusive deals and promotions for a budget-friendly holiday.

Plan an Epic Road Trip

If you are craving a true adventure, there is nothing better than planning a road trip! Whether you are looking for a domestic getaway or wish to explore a foreign country, getting behind the wheel of a car or camper is the best way to dive deep into the local culture. 

If you have limited experience in planning road trips, don’t be afraid to ask for the help of a local expert! For example, if your dream has always been to tour the stunning natural beauty of British Columbia or Ontario, don’t think twice about partnering with the Best canadian road trip planner

Go on a Self-Care Getaway

Over the past year, the wellness tourism industry has been growing, and it is expected to continue skyrocketing through 2025 and beyond! As the industry continues to develop, the opportunities for a self-care getaway grow exponentially. 

For example, today, you can enjoy a self-care holiday in Iceland, book yourself into a yoga retreat in Portugal, or explore the benefits of a medical spa retreat in Thailand. Just make sure to be clear on what “well-being” and “self-care” means for you to find the right holiday! 

Consider a No-Fly Holiday

Another great option for an alternative getaway is to plan a no-flight holiday. According to the ABTA’s 2023 Travel Trends Report, the revamp of the rail system and boat itineraries across Europe is bound to increase the volume of tourists choosing a flight-free holiday. 

Planning a no-fly getaway in 2023 can help you get there before the crowds, enjoy a true European adventure, and explore foreign cultures in a new way. Websites such as Interrail, FlixBus, FerryScanner, and BusBud can help you plan your holiday. 

Explore a Destination Nearby

If you are not planning on going far, you can still take advantage of the many Bank Holidays and long weekends by choosing a nearby destination to explore. Whether it is a city close by, a country hotel, or an area of outstanding natural beauty, there are plenty of adventures to be enjoyed close to home!

Consider All-Inclusive Holidays

Whether you are budget-conscious or not a fan of spending time planning a holiday, all-inclusive packages may be a great option for a holiday with your family or friends. Thanks to a growing number of affordable but stunning destinations across Europe and beyond, an all-inclusive package can help you leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind for a week!

Make It a Staycation

If a holiday does not fit your family budget this spring, consider spending time resting and taking care of yourself at home. Activities such as enjoying a movie night, spending time in the garden, or simply cuddling up with a book, the options for a memorable staycation are endless!

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