6 Home Trends To Look Out For In 2018

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6 Home Trends To Look Out For In 2018

In 2017, flamboyant flamingos, tropical prints, and some great metallic accents remained popular throughout the year. A few predilections that will surely be carried out throughout 2018 are predicted by numerous home decor legends.

There is plenty to look forward to the new trends with a lot of weightage.

Excited to decorate your new home but not sure which of the astonishing home décor trends to follow?

Here are some insights that deserve a look.

Global Heritage Enters Homes

Travel always provokes a myriad of ideas in every aspect of life. Home décor is no exception – especially, in cities like Rajasthan where you can find fascinating patterns.

The global-inspired prints such as terracotta, ochre, and clay shades play a big role this year. Add to that the textile, patterns, and countless varieties of fabric materials that can brighten up any wall of your home. This is a great way to make it feel more perceptible.

Serveware and soft furnishing can also be decorated with delightful patterns. A traditional block printed texture won’t be a bad idea.

Artisan Textures Are The Next Big Thing

Most of us love texture not only in outfits but in home décor. Interestingly, texture has its word this year. The two solicited stars that give a natural feel to any furniture are wicker and rattan. While playing with textures, you have plenty of options. For instance, handmade carpets and cushion covers of woven wicker look eye-catching.

To complete the look, create a perfect combination of different textures with a contrast color. Wall hangings such as hanging lanterns from Lantern & Scroll with a touch of textured macramé look amazing.

Cushions With Tropical Prints Enhance Home Décor

Prints remained entrancing in the previous year. It’s no surprise that the trend is being carried forward to this year as well. The beautiful leaves of retro Swiss plant printed on the cushions steal the show. Remember that it’s not about vibrant carnival colors; it’s about a natural mixture of lush, stimulating greens.

Here’s another insight: rich green shades strike dark furniture. The trend will remain fashionable in this season. Figure out the key places which will be best suited for this idea. Think of large leaves, exotic birds, and safari wildlife for a creative mix-and-match.

Metallic Accents Are For Timeless Furniture

Wondering if metallic theme is an outdated fashion?

If yes, you should rethink the idea about metallic colors!

An appealing combination of rose gold, less copper and more brass is a compelling idea. Brass mirrors, furniture pieces, and other doodad will give a luxurious look to your bedroom. Emerald green and light pink both accentuate gold and brass tones perfectly.

Colourful Kitchens Have Become a Mood Enhancer

When you get bored of your traditional kitchen, colours add spice to it. Using the perfect combination of colour streams can add the dramatic effect to any kitchen area.

Dramatic purple with silver is the color combination to look for. From foyers to cabinets, this will help showcase the entire kitchen. Plus, installing trendy faucets with the help of PlumbingFix will create a unique style statement for the kitchen.

Pink POW is the other colour to watch out for. It has nothing to do with Barbie house, though. Likewise, magenta with a darker shade feels at home in a larger space.

A dining area is customarily renowned as a conversational zone. A classic red color in the dining place stimulates appetite, chit-chat, and gossiping.

Geometric Décor Deserves Appreciation

If you feel you’re one of the adventuresome, choosing chromatic accent wall is a right way to apply geometry. The more you add colour, the more it will look appealing – provided you have a wider space for the accent wall. This will splash up the living room.

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