6 High-Paying Travel Nurse Specialities That Are Always in Demand

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Travel nursing is a great way to see the country and get paid well to do it. If you’re considering becoming a travel nurse, you might wonder which specialties are in high demand. This blog traces six niche genres that usually have high pay and plenty of job openings.

Travel Nurse Specialities That Are Always In Demand
Travel Nurse Specialities That Are Always In Demand

What Are the Six High-Paying Travel Nurse Specialties That Are Always in Demand?

What are the six high-paying travel nurse niches in demand? These specialties include Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Operating Room Nurses (ORs), Employment Health Nurses (EHNs), Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs), Dialysis RNs, and Emergency Room Nurses (ER).

A travel nurse in these roles can make up to 40 percent more than a hospital staff nurse, often granted higher pay for being credentialed nationwide. Health Carousel offers the largest selection of medical staffing jobs with short-term assignments to provide nurses with the most benefits and stability in a contract or travel position.

Being a travel nurse provides opportunities to gain experience, see new places, build relationships, and make invaluable contributions to patients everywhere. If you want to be a travel nurse, an agency specializing in nurse staffing in California can help. 

Why Are These Specialties in Such High Demand?

Working as a travel nurse can be a good career choice, especially given the high-paying specialties that are always in demand. Healthcare organizations nationwide need help finding enough nurses with the specialized skills and training to look after specific patient populations.

These nurses add valuable experience and expertise to a healthcare organization, and many can quickly adapt to new environments and provide superior care. When applying for a travel nurse here’s how to stand out when applying for travel nursing jobs in the US; head to their site to learn more. 

To stand out when applying for travel nursing jobs, nurses should highlight any specializations they have obtained that could be beneficial to the organization. Additionally, nurses should demonstrate their adaptability and problem-solving skills by emphasizing past experiences in dealing with challenging patient cases or difficult working conditions.

Accordingly, employers make great efforts to recruit highly qualified travel nurses with specialized knowledge or certifications that help fulfill their staffing needs.

How Can You Start as a Travel Nurse in One of These Fields?

If you’re looking to jumpstart your career as a travel nurse, specializing in one of the six high-paying specialties can be an excellent move. To get started, many find great success by researching and networking with other travel nurses in their desired field.

Additionally, joining professional organizations that advocate for travel nurses is highly recommended — they provide knowledge and resources on job opportunities and often offer additional benefits such as discounts on housing accommodations.

Additionally, some specialties require certification outside of the traditional Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse credentials; doing your research and taking the necessary steps to become certified can help open more doors and be beneficial in the future. With the resources offered today and a little effort, you can embark on your journey as a travel nurse in one of these exciting fields!

What Are the Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse in One of These Fields?

Travel nursing is an excellent career choice and can provide significant monetary gains, flexible scheduling, and lifestyle benefits to those pursuing it. With the six high-paying travel nurse specialties that are always in demand, there are not only high salaries available but also opportunities to work with cutting-edge equipment and technology and a chance to impact peoples’ lives truly.

Additionally, these jobs typically offer more flexible hours for nurses with other obligations, such as family needs or educational goals. Traveling from one location to another keeps the job from becoming stagnant, providing excitement and a feeling of purpose for anyone interested in continuing their nursing career.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Working as a Travel Nurse in One of These Fields?

Although the six specialties outlined in the workflow background information offer great potential for travel nurses to receive competitive wages and job security, there are still drawbacks to consider.

These include long hours and possible physical exhaustion, sometimes being separated from family or friends for an extended period of time, and ensuring that all legal paperwork is kept up to date, as each state may have different standards.

Furthermore, with constantly changing work environments and employers, building relationships while working as a travel nurse can also be challenging. These drawbacks should be considered when pursuing a career as a travel nurse in any of these specialties.

What Is the Future Outlook for These High-Paying Travel Nurse Specialties?

The future for high-paying travel nurse specialties looks bright. Demand is expected to remain strong in the coming years, with significant challenges like an aging population, pandemics, and global healthcare reform spurring future growth.

Although some areas may have a limited supply of available positions or be more competitive, the overall career outlook remains positive. Through continued innovation and cutting-edge patient care services, these industries will remain a valuable option for those interested in traveling while enjoying the rewards of a specialized area of nursing.

There are plenty of reasons to consider a career in travel nursing, especially if you’re looking for high-paying specialties that are always in demand. Once you’ve decided on a specialty, use our tips to get started on your journey as a successful travel nurse.

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