6 Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget

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Want to decorate your kids room? Then this article is for you!

Remember the times when adorning our room’s walls with posters of our favorite action hero or designing the interior around our most favorite Disney Classics theme was the only best artistry we could conjure up? We may have grown up, and times may have changed, but children still have their imaginative fetishes. And they still want to flaunt their fascinations in their very own private space,i.e. their rooms.

While it’s great to let your kids be creative and demonstrate their ideas fully, it’s better to have a mixture of their imagination and some grown-up ideas and styles to ensure a more organized interior.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget. Money should not come in the way of your kids’ dream of having the coolest room. We have some fantastic ideas to decorate your kids’ room without having to check your wallet again and again.

Let’s get started!

Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget

Display Your Kids’ Inner Artistry

What better way to use your kids’ old and new drawings from school than putting them on display in their own room? Find the perfect spot in the room to create that mini art gallery. We believe that the back of the door could serve the purpose. Just paint it a bright, popping red or royal blue and hang the pieces of your kids’ art there.

Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget

You can use washi tape to stick the drawings to the door. Or you could also consider pretty-colored knitting yarn and hang the pieces using clothespins. If y

ou are considering clothespins, they also come in nice colors and cute designs. You may want to check them out as well!

Walls Are Your Canvas!

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of fantastic ways to decorate your kids’ room is what to do with those walls? Well, there are unlimited possibilities when you consider the walls as your canvas – from installing custom wall murals to hanging hand-made tapestries with the most incredible designs. 

But our personal favorite is canvas prints. They are an affordable way of adorning the walls of your kids’ room with images of just almost anything. Is your kid a Marvel fan? Or is it anime that they fancy? Whatever it is, you can get your very own bespoke canvas prints for your kids’ room. You can even get canvas prints showcasing the best photographs of you and your kids together. Like we said, almost anything!

Revamp the Old Furniture

Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget

Buying new furniture can be an expensive game. And why purchase new furniture anyway, when the old one is working just fine? If you want the furniture to look fresh and complement the theme of your kids’ room, you can always repaint it or even repurpose certain items.

Begin with simply painting the bed, the tables, closet, chairs, etc. Don’t go for just one color. Choose different but complementary hues that have a kid-friendly feel about them, like corals or bright greens. One of the greatest things about repainting old furniture is that you can skip painting the entire room, which would cost more. 

Another idea is to repurpose an old baby chair by doing a new paint job and then finding a fixed spot to place it, where it could serve as a stage to display one or two stuffed toys.

Show Off Your Kids’ Book Collection

As parents, we all tend to buy some, if not many, books for our children, even if they are not avid readers. So, why not get those books out that have been eating dust and display them? Grab all the books you bought for your kids, from nursery rhymes to bedtime stories to their favorite comic collection.

You can either allocate a whole corner to a bookshelf or stack up these books here and there in the room. For example, that old baby chair you just repainted. You can stack up a couple of colorful books on it beside a long-forgotten stuffed bear. You can also place a stack of books at one end of the dresser with a lamp or planter on top.

Make Your Own Garlands

When would garlands go out of fashion? Never, ever! We absolutely love garlands, for they are not only super easy to make but also make a significant decorative impact without investing too much money. And the ideas are just unlimited because you can make garlands of all kinds – from simple yet colorful bunting to tassels and pom-poms, whatever complements with the rest of the decor.

You can hang these garlands throughout the room, occupying the empty spaces in between and making the room seem fuller and more vibrant.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling!

Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget

When decorating any room, we often don’t give much thought to adorning the ceiling. While this is acceptable when it comes to renovating the rest of the house, it will be unfair to leave it blank in your kids’ room. But, how can one decorate the ceiling, you ask? Think, when do kids look at the ceiling? At night, yes, when they are lying in their beds to get a good night’s sleep.

Let’s give them something they can look at before they embark on a journey to the land of their dreams. Turn the ceiling into a starry night’s sky by installing glow-in-the-dark stars. So, when the lights go out, the stars can come to life, and your kids can have a dreamy, starry sky to look at inside their room. 

Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget!

It is not necessary to have a big budget to decorate your child’s bedroom. And you don’t have to be an expert interior designer. You just have to know what your kids want and then make use of the affordable stuff. You can even use things you already have at home to craft the most visually appealing decorative items.

Try these ideas and let your kids help you throughout the process. It’s not just the results that will be appealing; the activity itself is quite engaging and fun.

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