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6 Expert Ideas To Decorate Your Home with Wall Art- Collaboration

“The Beauty of a House Lies Inside of It”. The relaxing and subtle vibes of a residence is always inhabited when everything looks perfect. The vase at their corners, the mirrors standing perpendicularly to the window to maximize the area of light and everything coinciding with the beauty.

The small details add up to the whole picture of your home. But always the best things lie in the ornaments or there is a secret hack to this?

The wall of a house tells a lot about the people living inside it. According to many experts, the first thing that any traveler or trespasser will get a hold on will be the wall. If they are outside, they see the front door and the corresponding walls. If they are inside of the residence, they try to observe every wall in your house. 

This is done to analyze the nature of the people living in the house. So, you can make the best impression if you know some tips and tricks regarding the beauty of your walls

How to Decorate Your Home with Wall Art?

Here we have collected 6 of the finest ideas, consulting experts, regarding how to decorate your home with wall art.

Peel and Stick Tiles. 

This may be the first idea that could strike in anyone’s mind. But the selection of the right design for each wall is still a challenge for most. The tiles are made up of a shiny gel-type ‘resin’ that gives the appearance of original tiles.

Whether you are looking for a temporary update in your walls or you want to continue with them, Peel and Stick Tiles are one great option to go for when you decorate your home.

When you want to change them, use a hairdryer to prevent any damage from the strong adhesive backing force. And if you want a different category of this, you can go for Peel and Stick Shiplap.

A dark-colored Shiplap can transform your whole bedroom into a new relaxing and peaceful space.


Yes, baskets. A cluster of colorful baskets may sound odd to someone, but it isn’t. Baskets can be hung onto the hooks on different sections. And if you don’t have colorful baskets, you can make one at home. Just some color paint and touch of imagination will do it all.

A series of baskets hung diagonally will suit any type of wall. You can hang some of the best decorative baskets of various colors and sizes. The freedom of trial of every possible arrangement will help you the most. You can also stick photos or small snaps in between the space of the baskets.

Adding personalized Art on your Walls

You want something for your walls but you have no idea how to get the hang of it? People want something different yet exclusive. Then comes the way of portraits. You want to get a better way of holding onto your memories but have a medium budget. Then you should visit CanvasPop.

CanvasPop is one stop where you can get the best canvas printing. People at CanvasPop really care about the quality and it shows in the reviews. Want a family portrait, bunch of pet photo or single photos? All you can get in one place. 

The best quality, you can make the best of your space. 1000+ designs to make your living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom more eye-traumatizing to you and even to every character who comes to your house to check out the amazing wall art.

Layering of Letters.

The case of putting letters in an unordered way is always in fashion. The case of the more the merrier is fit in here. A pair of oversized letters can be vintage or new or both projects a big statement anywhere you put them. Neon letters are also responsible for eye grasping property. It can be a symbol, a name or even an emoji.

They look good even when they are not lighted up. The letters can be arranged in such a manner that they overlap each other. And it isn’t a grammar mistake, but an elegant way to provide classy wall art. Here, all which suits your house will soothe everybody.


A medium-sized string of garlands adds a touch of warmth and calm vibe in your home. The little pom poms were initially handcrafted by artisans with the help of natural cotton pieces attached in series. 

These cotton plugs dipped in non-toxic dyes of a variety of colors, provide greenery to the inside of your house. You can add them in the back area of the kitchen or sidewalls of the living space to make the area look bigger.

Garlands are easy to install into your walls. 3M Commando Hooks, which are damage-free and easy to fit on the walls will help you.

Choose the hooks according to the color of your walls so that it doesn’t seem to overcome the effect. And not only on Christmas, But You can also add multiple strands for a sweet and party-like sensation for the whole year.

Fabric-Covered Walls.

If you have experience in applying wallpapers to your walls, then you will have no difficulty in this one too. Fabric-Covered Walls are one great option if you want minute areas covered in the house. Dressing up the wall with fabric has many applications.

If you have an unsightly house wall that you want to be covered, you can cover it with the help of beautiful Fabric-Covered Walls. The addition of textile fabric with everyday laundry starch can maximize the beauty of your walls.

This wall art technique can even be stapled directly onto the walls. A combination of fabric with starch can also be applied to act as a removable DIY wallpaper. A set of flatbed sheets are also available in place of costly wallpapers. The Fabric-Covered Walls option is best for those who want to return to the house after a period, leaving no stains behind on the owner’s walls.

An Overview

There is always a better option to choose from the previous one. All the ideas which we discussed in the above article would or wouldn’t suit you. The basic structure that depends on the living lies like the house you want to make it exist in. 

We hope that our expert comments could have been any help to you. Go get those walls and make them fresh as the first sunshine of the morning.