5 Ways to Bring Rustic Style to Your Home Interior

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Rustic décor is all about mixing the natural and the industrial. A certain ruggedness to it can help bring out a warm and cozy feeling in your home. 

It’s also incredibly versatile—with so many different textures, colors, and patterns. You can easily incorporate rustic style into any room of your house. Here are five ways to bring rustic style into your home:

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Use Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is one of the best ways to bring a rustic feel to your home. Whether you want to use wooden furniture in your living room, bedroom, or dining area, it will work with any interior style.

Wooden furniture is available in all shapes and sizes, from classic sofas and tables to modern chairs and beds. You can choose from a wide variety of woods, including oak, pine, walnut, and teak. Mid century dining tables are a great way to bring rustic, industrial style into your home. They’re also very affordable.

Many people worry that wooden furniture would look too old-fashioned, but this isn’t true at all. You can find lots of designs that look modern or rustic, depending on what type you choose.

Distressed Metal

Consider incorporating distressed metal into your decor if you want to add a rustic feel to your home interior. 

Whether you highlight the unique texture of reclaimed metal or use it as an industrial accent piece, adding some rustic elements will give your home decor a welcoming feel that only comes from age and wear.

For example, one of our favorite ways to bring in rustic style is with decorative lighting fixtures made from reclaimed railroad spikes or old farm tools. 

You can also incorporate wire baskets made from old fencing into your décor for a vintage look that’s perfect for any room in the house.

Bring In Rustic Textures

Bringing in rustic textures is one of the easiest ways to bring character into your home. Rustic textiles and wall hangings can be found in various materials, from burlap and linen to cotton and wool. 

Leather and suede are also great choices for adding texture to your space. Cork is another excellent material for adding rustic texture as it comes in many colors, such as tan or deep brown, that will help tie everything together beautifully.

Choose different wood finishes for your walls, tables, and other furniture pieces for wooden texture. Use a lighter stain on the walls and a darker stain on the table to add contrast to your space.

Furniture pieces like mid-century dining tables, mid-century coffee tables, and side tables are great for adding rustic texture and a touch of nostalgia to your space. You can also add some vintage pieces like French wine crates or old suitcases for additional texture and visual interest.

Repurpose Old Objects as Decor

Repurposing old objects as decor is a fun and easy way to add character to your home. Repurpose old household items, books, and more into beautiful accessories that fit perfectly with the rustic vibe. 

Think about the things you have lying around your house and how you can repurpose them into something unique. Here are some ideas:

  • Use old picture frames to display maps or travel photos
  • Turn an old suitcase into a side table by removing any remaining zippers or hardware

Paint Furniture an Unexpected Color

There are many ways to bring rustic style into your home, but one of the most effective ways is by painting furniture in an unexpected color. When you think of a rustic look, you might think of something like dark brown or deep red—but there’s no reason you can’t use brighter colors instead.

Brush on a coat of paint that fits with your other decor, and let it dry for 24 hours. 

Then add another coat and let it dry for another 24 hours before moving on to step three: staining. You can use stain instead of paint if you want a more traditional finish.

This will give your furniture a more subtle look that is still very versatile—you can easily change the color by applying another coat of paint or rubbing on some new stain.

Final Word

This is the way to go if you’re looking for a rustic, easy, and affordable look. You don’t have to worry about getting all your furniture at once; instead, start with one piece and see how it goes before deciding whether or not to add more. Once you find what works for your home, though, keep using it.

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