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5 Tips for Visiting Disneyland in the Winter

Visiting Disneyland

5 Tips for Visiting Disneyland in the Winter

5 Tips for Visiting Disneyland in the Winter. Enjoy with your Disneyland holiday and stay close to the Parks!

Have you ever thought about visiting Disneyland in the winter? A few years ago, I took my little girl to Disneyland Paris. Our first visit to Disneyland was in February, during the cold winter season. We had the most magical holiday, staying in the Santa Fe Hotel and despite the cold weather we had a magical time.

Today I am offering 5 tips for visiting Disneyland in the Winter. It’s good to be prepared and to know what to expect whatever month you choose to visit Disneyland.

Disney Land Paris

Choosing A Hotel Close To The Disneyland Parks

I’d recommend staying as close to the Disneyland Parks as possible. Sylvia and I stayed in the Hotel Santa Fe, which was a 5 minute shuttle Journey.

Winter in the Parks can be very cold and you may want to return to your rooms for a small break from the cold or to have a warm hearty meal before returning outdoors for the evening.

The Hotel we stayed in was warm and toasty and we made great use of the warm bath at the end of each day.

Disney Land Paris

Plan your Meals In Advance When Visiting Disneyland

Food and Drinks can be very expensive at Disneyland. As a single mother on a budget, I prepared our drinks well in advance packing two boxes of capri sun drinks in my suitcase. I then took out how ever many drinks we needed each day and carried them in my bag.

As for meals, we had half board which meant we had a buffet style breakfast each morning. We ate warm croissants, porridge, cheese and hot chocolate before heading out to the Parks.

In the Winter you need to book well in advance, often the a day or two before your meals if you plan to eat in the parks. The weather will be cold and people will be wanting warm filling meals. Booking in advance was essential.

We really enjoyed eating in La Cantina, in the Santa Fe Hotel and visiting the Davy Crockett Ranch.

DisneyLand Paris

Make sure you plan and book your evening meals early each day when visiting the Disneyland parks. If your full board then thats sorted for you, however if your going to choose from a selection of restaurants, book early.

People want a break from the cold air and often spend a good amount of time in the warm toasty restaurants.

If you leave it too late as I did on our first day, you may find yourself struggling to find somewhere warm to eat.

Get an Early Start When Visiting Disneyland

If your staying in a Disneyland Hotel, you can visit the Park two hours earlier than others. This is a fantastic opportunity in Winter as this can reduce the time standing outside in the cold waiting in queues. L

later on in the day, take advantage of the Fast Pass rides, where you can get a ticket in advance and return at a certain time.

You could then try going to other activities such as an indoor show to break up your time outdoors.

We loved the Disney show Animagique and also enjoyed visiting several other indoor options such as Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Quest and visiting the Disney Princesses. These were all indoor activities. I would plan indoor activities part way through the day to allow time to keep warm.

DisneyLand Paris

Wrap up Warm When Visiting Disneyland In Winter

You will need to wrap up warm when visiting Disney Land in the February and during the Winter months.

I wore warm trousers, a jumper and a coat. I collected old Disney costumes from Ebay and Car boot sales in advance and my daughter wore a t-shirt and leggings underneath her second hand Disney outfits. She also wore her coat when needed.

You sure need warm clothes in this weather so may sure you have Disney costumes that are larger than your child so they can fit over warm clothing.

Disney Land Paris

Wear Winter Woolies When Your Attending The Fireworks At Disneyland

When outside at Disneyland we needed to wear hats, scarfs and gloves in the morning and evening.

The weather was colder at night and I’d recommend taking a backpack or large handbag as the sun always comes out and you might  need to take off the hats and scarfs off in the day !

You wouldn’t want to be left carrying everything in your hands and it’s handy to be able to get your woolies back out when it’s cold and your waiting for the spectacular fireworks show at the end of the night.

Disney Land Paris

Have Fun When Visiting Disneyland Paris

Disneyland in Winter can be wonderful. The nights get dark when it’s still early and younger children get to see the fabulous lights which create the magical atmosphere of Disneyland. You can still see this in summer but you don’t have to wait as late and then have the option of taking younger children to bed earlier after an exhausting day.

Disneyland is simply an amazing adventure one that can be enjoyed in all seasons but theres something about wrapping up warm and being in a such a magical place during the winter season that makes me want to return again during the colder months.

Disney Land Paris

5 Tips for Visiting Disneyland in the Winter. Enjoy with your Disneyland holiday and stay close to the Parks!


  1. I miss Disneyland and I went there during summer time. It was hot as hell. Looks like you guys had a really good time despite the weather being too cold. Thank you for sharing this, I might consider going to Disneyland in winter time.

    1. Oh Disneyland is amazing. I would love to take Sylvia back there one day…she was so young last time and would remember more. She could also get autographs and do some of the older experiences a second time around.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fab time, Angela! There are always advantages to Winter holidays, usually cheaper prices and smaller crowds too

  3. I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I cannot wait for my daughter to be old enough to bring her there. Funny, I’d have always avoided going in the winter but you can clearly still enjoy it and find ways of keeping warm and dry 🙂 Looks like you guys had a blast!

    1. Yes seeing the beauty of the lights and the whole atmosphere was just wonderful and I’d never seen something so amazing. I just wanted to share it with everyone!

  4. Great tips! We are thinking of going at some point in the next few years – probably at October or February half term so your tips will come in useful!

    1. Yes… meals are very expensive. The cheapest place for me was going to mcdonalds and giving my child a happy meal but the restaurants can be very very dear…we didnt have the budget to eat fancy everyday but if you can afford it…it is nice.

    1. Thanks. It’s one of those things I never imagined id do in this lifetime but just incase I ever returned to new zealand I decided to take my child. It turned out we ended up staying in uk permanently.

  5. We went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago too but in Summer. I bet Winter there is even more magical. I would love to go at Christmas. It’s such a lovely place to go isn’t it. I was more excited than my little sister who I took. Now I have Evie I can’t wait to get to go again in the future. x

  6. My niece is being a lucky duck this year and is going to Disneyland Paris at the end of the month, I will forward this to my brother for a read, loads of useful tips!xx

    1. I do think the colder months may be a little more afforadable. It did take a whole year just to save up and then i had four months to save spending money, however we did not have much at all so we did a very frugal/cheap holiday and i’ll be writing about that shortly!

  7. You did this as a single mum, I find that interesting being in that situation myself. So many feel it provides restrictions but it really doesn’t have to does it! I think if I was to ever do this trip it would be in the winter too, I couldn’t cope with so many people in the summer. Looks like you had fun! x

    1. Oh yeah! We travelled everywhere when I was a single mum. I simply budgeted hard core. We also went to amsterdam and belgium and Paris amongst many other places… I have so many stories! I cant wait to blog about it all! – Angela

  8. I love Disneyland! I love it more than my children! Great tips. I learnt the hard way when I found out how much the food/drinks and even popcorn was on our first day there. I had a mini heart attack at the bill and the queue was horrendous as well. So for our next trip to a theme park in Australia, I knew it would be much easier to have a picnic with the food we brought ourselves The first day, I took a quick survey of what snacks they sold and then later that evening I stocked up with the same snacks – doughnuts, popcorn at the supermarket and drinks and brought them with us. So that the kids didn’t feel like they were missing out.

    1. Yes, I could not afford everything and did a lot to make sure we could go on the holiday on a tiny spending budget. I hope to write a few more disneyland posts on these things. It’s a fab place but for those on a tighter budget, the tips will come in handy!

    1. They can be very busy but lots of fun! Disney is a lot of money and for us was a once in a life time thing…yet id love to take my daughter a second time before she is too old.

  9. These are some wonderful tips, Angela! I was looking into going with the family & I’d definitely take your advice & stay at the park. It’s handy to be so close so you can get in early or go back to the hotel to rest. It sounds like you made the most of your visit! And Sylvia looks so happy there 🙂 x

    1. Oh thanks Becky. it was certainly a once in a life time dream and I learnt well what works and does not. I hope to go back again before Sylvia is 10. Fingers crossed. It’s a goal for 2018.

  10. hi Angela. We are planning a December 2018 trip to Disneyland Paris. We have children who will be 8, 4 and by then a just over a 1 year old. Are we being crazy in terms of the cold and crowds?

    1. Our trip was super cold and I remember seeing the cold air when we breathed. I think so long as you wrap up warm it will be okay. My daughter was 4 when we went on our trip and she was fine. I have not been with a baby so would not really know about that but there were plenty of families there when we went and they loved it. The crowds are busy but i think it must be even more so in summer.

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