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Have you ever thought about visiting Disneyland in the winter? A few years ago, I took my daughter to Disneyland Paris for the first time.

Our first visit to Disneyland was in February, during the cold winter season. Today I am offering 5 tips for visiting Disneyland in the Winter

When we visited the Disney park in winter the weather was super cold.

We had to wrap up wearing hats, gloves and scarfs. Despite the cold winter weather we had a magical holiday, staying in the warm and cosy Santa Fe Hotel and we had a magical time.

So here are some top tips for planning a trip to Disneyland in Winter. 

Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland This Winter

tips for disneyland in winter

Disneyland Winter Hours

Tip One: Wrap up warm as you can spend hours outdoors at a time.

It’s good to be prepared and to know what to expect whatever month you choose to visit Disneyland. I’ve often heard people ask does Disneyland Paris close in winter? 

The answer is no! 

Disneyland Paris is open all year round, although opening hours do vary from season to season. 

During the winter the the Disneyland Winter park hours are open from 10am until 10pm.

You can visit either the Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Studios Park during these times. However you may enter the parks as early as 8.30 with extended park entry. 

Disneyland Paris Hotels In Winter

Tip Two: Find a Hotel close to the Park

I’d recommend staying as close to the Disneyland Parks as possible. Sylvia and I stayed in the Santa Fe Hotel, which was a 5 minute shuttle Journey to and from the park.

Winter in the Parks can be very cold and you may want to return to your rooms for a small break during the day or return in the evening to have a warm hearty meal before returning outdoors for the laser show.

The Santa Fe hotel is warm and toasty and we made great use of the warm bath and shower facilities at the end of each day.

Best Food At Disneyland In Winter

Tip Three: Whether you have a dining plan or not book family meals in advance

In the winter you need to book well in advance, often the a day or two before your meals if you plan to eat in the parks. The weather will be cold and people will be wanting warm filling meals. Booking in advance was essential.

Food and Drinks can be very expensive at Disneyland. You can either go half board, full board or choose to eat meals whilst in the Disney Park. Prepaying for food can really help on the budget. 

There are plenty of stores, restaurants and places to purchase warm food and drinks in the Winter at Disneyland. 

Going half board meant we had breakfast vouchers which entitled me and my daughter to a hot or cold drink within the park in the morning. We took advantage of this and it really helped in the cold weather. 

On one occasion we chose to dine at the hotel Santa Fe. We ate warm croissants, porridge, cheese and hot chocolate before heading out to the Parks.

We also really enjoyed eating in La Cantina, in the Santa Fe Hotel and visiting the Davy Crockett Ranch.

Make sure you plan and book your evening meals early each day when visiting the Disneyland parks. If your full board then thats sorted for you, however if your going to choose from a selection of restaurants, book early.

People want a break from the cold air and often spend a good amount of time in the warm toasty restaurants.

If you leave it too late as I did on our first day, you may find yourself struggling to find somewhere warm to eat.

Get an Early Start When Visiting Disneyland In Winter

Tip Four: Start early so you spend less time queuing in cold winter weather.

If your staying in a Disneyland Hotel, you can visit the Park two hours earlier than others. This is a fantastic opportunity in winter as this can reduce the time standing outside in the cold waiting to go on rides.

Later on in the day, take advantage of the Fast Pass rides, where you can get a ticket in advance and return at a certain time.

You could then try going to other activities such as an indoor show to break up your time outdoors.

We loved the Disney show Animagique and also enjoyed visiting several other indoor options such as Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Quest.

Visiting the Disney Princesses can take time but is a great way to keep warm during the day when you need a break from the winter weather. 

I would plan indoor activities part way through the day to break up the time you are indoors and outdoors. 

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Wrap up Warm When Visiting Disneyland In Winter

Tip Five: Prepare for cold weather but take a backpack in case the weather warms up. 

You will need to wrap up warm when visiting Disney Land in the February or during the winter months.

I wore warm trousers, a jumper and a coat. My daughter wanted to wear her Disney dresses and so she wore warm clothing such as a jumper and leggings underneath Disney outfits. She then often her coat on top when needed. 

If your planning to take your child in winter, take Disney costumes that are larger than your child so they can fit over the warm clothing without being too tight. 

Have Fun When Visiting Disneyland Paris

Disneyland in Winter can be wonderful. The nights get dark when it’s still early and younger children get to see the fabulous lights which create the magical atmosphere of Disneyland.

You can still see this in summer but you don’t have to wait as late and then have the option of taking younger children to bed earlier after an exhausting day.

Disneyland is simply an amazing adventure one that can be enjoyed in all seasons. It’s such a magical place during the winter season and I’d love to return again during the colder winter months.

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5 Tips for Visiting Disneyland in the Winter. Enjoy with your Disneyland holiday and stay close to the Parks!