5 Tips For Teaching Kids About Home Maintenance

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5 Tips For Teaching Kids About Home Maintenance

Children love imitating their parents. If you allow them to, they excitedly participate in carrying out daily chores such as cleaning their scattered toy room. So, why not take advantage of this and involve them in your home maintenance tasks?

If your little ones are above the age of eight, their smallest efforts do make a difference! This doesn’t mean you should delegate them the task to change your light bulb, of course. But if they learn to help you out with the minor home maintenance tasks, half your job is done.

And guess what?

They’ll love contributing their efforts!

Let’s explore how to teach them the safest and easiest tasks they can do.


  1. Use A Plunger In Front Of Them

Your clogged kitchen sink may disrupt your daily meal preparation as you need it the most till you’re in the kitchen.

So, if your girl loves to observe your cooking skills every time you prepare a special meal on a Saturday evening, it’s a great opportunity to educate her how to unclog the kitchen sink. Whenever you see a clogged sink, use a plunger when she is around. Show her the plunging tactic by quickly plunging up and down.

When she grows up and starts experimenting her favourite dish, she’ll be able to unclog the drains herself.


  1. Ask Them To Write Down The Date When You Deep-Clean Your Home

Your kids are going to adapt good habits of health and hygiene only if you educate them about it. As you get your home cleaned and sanitized from Benchmark Cleaning Services, ask your kids to write down the date or mark it on the calendar.

The next time your home will require detailed cleaning, the kids will be able to remind you of it. Besides, they’ll understand the importance of an aromatic and spotless home. This way, they’ll adapt the same home maintenance practice as they grow up.


  1. Teach Them How To Use A Fire Extinguisher

Accidents happen. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious in terms of educating your children how to protect their own selves in case you’re not around. The trick is to use a fire extinguisher in front of them. When they’ve observed you, tell them that it’s now their turn to use it.

If they’re unable to use it like a pro, give them another demonstration till they learn it. This may save their lives in an emergency situation. Plus, it will also save your house from permanent fire damage.


  1.  Educate Them About The Signs Of Water Damage

Whether there are signs of water damage in the attic, basement, or external pipes, even the slightest negligence can lead your home to structural damage permanently.

Perhaps, you’ve made sure there are no leaking pipes or stains off the walls. But what if you forgetfully miss out a hidden sign? Even if you’ve missed a sign, it’s possible that one of the kids has spotted that single sign.

Too tired to check the outside of your house for any leaking pipes?

You can ask your kids to do so when they head to the lawn in their playtime. If they’ve successfully detected the water damage sign, the next step is to call Restoration Elite and get the repairs done immediately.


  1. Teach Them How To Turn Off The Valve Of The Toilet

If not given attention to, an overflowing toilet may empty your water tank without you even knowing about it. The highest chance of this mishap is when it’s your kids’ toilet.

You’ll identify this plumbing issue as you enter the kids’ bathroom, of course. But what if you’re away from home for a few hours?

Instead of letting it overflow till it’s too late, it’s a great idea to teach your kids about turning off its shut-off valve. Do this by showing them where this valve exists. Turn the valve off in front of them.

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