5 Therapeutic Crafts to Help You Relax

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Crafting is not only a fun activity, it’s something you can do with family members or on your own to relax. In fact taking part in crafts can be very therapeutic which is why so many people promote arts and crafts as part of therapy and or when recovery from trauma and stress.

Today I’ll be sharing 5 fun crafts you that can help you to relax and unwind.

THERAPEUTIC crafts and doodling

Therapeutic Knitting

While I was pregnant with my daughter, my health was not good. I had to spend a lot of time in hospital resting and having tests as I was suffering from a dangerous health condition putting the baby at risk.

There were a number of women in hospital on bed rest waiting for their babies to be born and one activity we were encouraged to do was knitting. We were given knitting needles and taught to knit so we could make little booties for our babies when they arrived.

Knitting can be very therapeutic and relaxing and it’s something my mum always enjoyed doing as she watched tv and relaxed at home. You don’t have to knit elaborate items, you can knit something as basic as a winter scarf.

knitting for kids

Rock Painting

I really enjoy rock painting. This is something you can do in the home and it can be very relaxing an enjoyable. Simply draw the outline with a pencil onto your stone and use acrylic or posca pens to make your creations.

gecko painted rock

We have a ton of rock painting ideas for kids and adults and it’s something for all skill levels. You don’t even have to draw on rocks or stones. If you like to doodle, why not try drawing on paper and adding simple items from nature to make it more fun!

Diamond Art

My Aunty loves Diamond Art. I have to admit I didn’t know much about it but after seeing the creations and learning more about this craft I see how it can be very therapeutic and relaxing.

Diamond art is really fun and can take some time like a good jigsaw puzzle, it takes persistence and patience and at the end you have a wonderful picture you can frame or gift to someone as a present.

You use a applicator to paste individual diamonds onto a sticky canvas, one pixel at a time and finish with a beautiful artwork.

I found a fantastic selection of Diamond Art Painting Kits at Craft Ease and I even ordered one for my aunty and had it shipped to our home. I chose a fantastic colourful Lion and I think it’s going to look amazing once it’s completed.

diamond art painting

Paint by Numbers

Both adults and children can enjoy paint by numbers art and crafts. As a child I would always buy a paint by numbers craft each year when we went on our Summer holidays. I really enjoyed this craft and it was a fun activity to enjoy in the caravan or tent on a rainy day.

Painting by numbers is a very relaxing activity that can help alleviate stress and is known to help people to cope with anxiety or worries.

Paint by numbers can be used in therapy sessions and is a great adult craft. You can create a beautiful work of art by following the numbers and this is great for a beginner or someone wanting to dabble in the world of painting.

painting by numbers

Latch Hook Rug Kits

As a child I learnt the art of latch hook rug making. I made a few rugs and really enjoyed it. It has been a while now but I’d love to get back into rug making as it was something I found very fun and relaxing and I really enjoyed working on my rug as I watched tv with my parents.

Latch hook rugs are easy to make and it’s a fun craft for both kids and adults. In fact, all the crafts mentioned here are great for both kids and adults to enjoy and can be done from a beginner level. Creating art can be therapeutic and can help you to relax and reduce stress by taking time out to do something you enjoy.

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  1. crafting or creative activities in general are always therapeutic to me. I love having me time while creating something that expresses my emotions or thoughts at the same time! Still want to try diamond painting!

  2. I will show my daughter. She’s craftier than I am. I’ve never been big on crafts so I read if I’m stressed!

  3. I’ve done rock painting with my children before. I think we used the wrong paints though. opps!

  4. These are really therapeutic.. I always planned to make time in knitting, sadly I can’t.

  5. Rock painting was one of my biggest hobbies as a kid. I’ve always had anxiety even since I was little, so that totally makes sense that rock painting is on the list!

  6. I’ve tried knitting some years ago and it’s really relaxing. I recommend it a lot for those that have time and pleasure.

  7. I love rock painting as a kid but adulthood got in the way and I haven’t done it in decades. I was just thinking of starting to do it with my kids.

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