5 Sports to Try in 2022

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If your New Year’s Resolutions to get healthier didn’t work out in January, then perhaps you should consider some new strategies as spring approaches. With the improvement of the weather in these months, it’ll be much easier to become excited about getting out of the house and trying out some new sports and activities. But what are the best sports to try this year?

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If you want to get your heart racing and blood pumping, then volleyball is the sport for you. Within your team of six, you’ll find yourself burning loads of calories by running around the court and hitting the ball over to your opponents’ side. Volleyball is also great for helping you make friends and build teamwork skills, and with the option of beach volleyball, you can play this sport out in the sun during warmer months and stay inside when the weather isn’t so great.

Since learning how to play volleyball can be a bit difficult at first, you may feel more confident if you start practising beforehand. With volleyball spike training equipment, you can master the techniques and learn how to beat your opponents!


If you like sports similar to volleyball, then netball may be another option. This sport is commonly played in schools, which means that you’re probably familiar with the rules and will be able to get back into the game in no time. Like volleyball, netball is also a social game and will help you to make new friends, too.


However, if team sports aren’t your thing, then you may prefer an activity like cycling. Cycling is fantastic for your health and also a great mode of transportation. For example, you could reduce your reliance on cars if you’re able to cycle to work, and this could save you a lot of money and also help the environment. Additionally, if you crave competition, then cycling can offer you the opportunity to compete in races and events.


A slightly more unconventional method of travel is skating. Inline skating, just like cycling, offers you the opportunity to both compete with others in races and to travel in a convenient, fun and eco-friendly manner. What’s more, skating is incredibly fun and good for your body, too. Just remember to wear protective gear!


Tennis is a classic summer sport, but you can also play it throughout the year in leisure facilities across the country. Tennis appeals to those who love to socialise and also those who love to play alone thanks to the one-on-one nature of the game, which makes tennis a clear favourite for many people. Of course, if you have a great tennis partnership, you can play doubles and turn it into a fantastic team sport. If you are ready, start looking for tennis court windscreen solutions

Taking part in sports is a great way to both get into shape and develop a new passion. If you’re wondering where to begin, then try out any of the five sports listed above to see how you like them – who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new talent! 

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