Houston Vacation Ideas: 5 Reasons to Visit With Your Family

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There are many great American cities, and you should visit them during your life. Once you have a family, you can take them on car trips with you. It’s a way you can bond, and you might head to one of the better-known and loved US cities that have plenty to do. Here are some Houston Vacation Ideas.

Houston Vacation Ideas

You might think of New York or Los Angeles as excellent places to visit, but there are also multiple cities in the Lone Star state that are fun to explore. You may consider Houston as your next family vacation spot. Here are five of the more compelling reasons why.

The Food Is Ridiculously Good

One thing we should mention before we extol all of Houston’s virtues is that you should watch yourself while driving there. Car crashes are up in recent years. If you get in a collision and need a dependable accident lawyer, find out more here.

Now, on to some of the reasons why your family is bound to love Houston. It’s hard not to start with the food.

Houston has some of the best food you’re ever likely to find. They do say that everything is bigger there, and if you’re a carnivore, you’ll find some heavenly meat feasts at places like Good Co. Barbeque.

They have great steaks, cheeseburgers, ribs, and chicken and waffles. All of those are rib-sticking meals that your whole family will love, but you might enjoy some of the Mexican classics even more. They have tacos and fajitas to die for and margaritas to wash them down.

If you’re not so big on meat dishes, Houston has some fantastic pho and dim sum places too. Many of them have vegetarian options.

There Is a Vibrant Nightlife Scene

If you’re traveling with children, you might not be able to take advantage of all that the Houston nightlife has to offer. If you decided to leave the kids at home this time, and you’re traveling alone, or with your significant other, you can check out places like Montrose. That’s a neighborhood that attracts lots of hipsters and artists.

Maybe the West University area or River Oaks will be more your speed. There are several laid-back venues there where you can meet some interesting residents.

Midtown and Downtown are where you’ll find professional-types winding down after work. If you want a youthful crowd, hit Washington Avenue. Whether you’re into honkytonks, wine bars, sports bars, or packed nightclubs, Houston delivers in all those areas.

Kids Love It Too

If you did bring the kids along, there’s plenty for them to love as well. Houston has Splashtown, the city’s biggest and craziest waterpark. There is also the Children’s Museum of Houston, which has many interactive features that should keep your little ones busy for multiple hours.

They may prefer a Houston Zoo trip. This state-of-the-art facility features more than 6,000 animals and more than 800 species. There is the Main Street Theater that has kid-friendly performances.

The Kemah Boardwalk is also a favorite with the youngsters. It has both a 65-foot Ferris wheel and a 36-foot carousel. Your little ones can ride till they get dizzy.

There Are World-Class Shopping Opportunities

If you like to open your wallet or purse while you’re on vacation, Houston might get your vote for that reason alone. You can head to The Galleria. It is the fourth-largest US shopping mall, and it’s an architectural marvel, with an enormous multi-paned skylight that stretches for blocks.

You can go to Pinto Ranch if you want the latest cowboy gear to take home with you. Tootsies has new designer clothing, or you might opt for the Houston Visitor’s Center. It’s a little kitschy, but you can grab souvenirs for all your relatives back home, including belt buckles, hot or BBQ sauce, cowboy hats, pins, and dozens of other mementos.

There Are Some Awesome Free Experiences

If you’re running short on cash at this point, there are also many free things that you can do there. Your family might head to Lawndale Art Center or the Art Car Museum. You can go see the Waugh Drive Bridge, where more than 250,000 bats live. You can watch them all stretch their wings and fly out for a night’s hunting, starting at twilight.

Houston has everything you could want, and it won’t leave out any family members. You can plan a day or a week there and never run out of fun things to do.  

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