5 Reasons Why We Love Spring


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Is January over yet? As the seemingly longest month of the year finally draws to a close, it looks like Spring is almost on the horizon. So this got me thinking of all the things that everyone just loves about Spring time…when we finally shake off the last few cold snaps of winter and remember what it’s like to leave the house without a coat, gloves, scarf, boots, umbrella, flask, emergency flares, stockpiles of food…I’m joking about the latter of course.

We’ve had a tough, long lasting winter – so to get you in the mood for all the great things to come. Here you’ll find a list of all the reasons why we just love Spring.

Everything comes back to life

It might not have looked like it, but nature has been so busy behind the scenes while we’ve all been tucked up inside with the heating on full blast. And Spring is pretty much nature’s time to shine.

With beautiful spring flowers in full bloom, even the trees don’t look as miserable – for everything you need to know about trees, check out The Tree Centre – and there’s nothing that’ll lift your spirits more than gardens and grassy areas bursting with colourful tulips and sunny daffodils.

Warmer weather

Ok, so we’re not talking shorts and maxi dresses just yet, but Spring means that thermostat gets a much needed boost! You can swap your heavy winter coat for something much lighter and perhaps a little more stylish! Because the sun is out shining for longer, it means that you’ll get more hours of sunlight, which will certainly help to banish any lingering January blues.


Lambs, chicks, calves – Springtime is when the family tree gets a boost. Cheeps, bleats and buzzes – every animal big or small gets to spoil us by showing off their little ones. So whether you’re driving by in the car or you take the kids to a petting zoo, there’s nothing cuter than seeing new life in action.

Spring cleaning

Ok, ok. So it might not be something we necessarily look forward to, but spring cleaning is actually good for your mind, body and soul. So there’s something positive about cleaning your home, decluttering your items and starting the new year on a fresh foot. Clutter can be stressful and can have a real negative effect on your mental health. So tackling it is good for you!

Days out

What could be better than spending time with those you love most? And being able to venture outside without little ones crying from the cold after a mere 20 minutes is something I’m certainly looking forward to! Picnics in the park, flying a kite in the garden and the kids having chance to blow off some steam and get away from their screens.

You’ll find that many family attractions such as country houses, theme parks, petting zoos etc will be opening again after closing for the winter months. They’ll probably have discounted ticket prices too!

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