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5 Plants That Fit In Your Office – Guest Post

Being in an office space for long hours at a time can cause you to start to miss the outdoors pretty quickly. If you are someone who loves nature, this can get depressing and even negatively affect your mood. Adding plants is a great way for you to not only add aesthetic beauty to your space, but also increase productivity.

Having plants in the office supplies you with fresh oxygen and reduces the amount of pollutants in the air. But there are a lot of species to choose from, all with different benefits and maintenance needed. So where do you get started? Here are some of the best plants to get started with for any office space.

Snake Plant

A great plant that you can add to your office space or desk is the snake plant (also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue). The snake plant is known to have a great reputation when it comes to growing indoors. They range in sizes, and there are some that are able to grow several feet high.

It is important for you to look for a snake plant that is on the smaller side. Having a small plant helps prevent too much desk space from getting taken up.

Lucky Bamboo

Adding a lucky bamboo plant to your office space can completely change the way that your space looks. Bamboo is a very common plant that has been used decoratively for many years.

One of it’s most popular applications is actually in high end offices because it is one of the few plants with clean enough lines to compliment stainless steel hardware and powder coated bathroom partitions.

The plant can be shaped as it grows to make creative and interesting shapes such as spirals, hearts or even waves. Adding a bamboo plant to your office space will help you be able to decorate your office according to the season that you are in.

The plants require very little maintenance and do not require much light. They are even able to grow without soil. The only thing Lucky Bamboo really requires is plenty of fresh water. 

African Violet

Another great plant that you can add to your office or desk space is the African violet plant. African violets are known to be fuzzy-leafed and were especially popular in the 1970s. African violet plants usually need the same type of conditions that humans do in order to thrive.

They do not do well in extreme cold or hot temperatures. African violets will need a significant amount of sunlight to stay healthy. Put them near a window that will allow the African Violet to get the necessary amount of sunlight each day. With a maximum diameter of about 6 inches, you’ll find they make a perfect fit as a decoration in your office space.

English Ivy

English Ivy is a hearty plant that should do well in almost any office environment. English Ivy does well with a moderate amount of light and can manage indoor humidity levels easily.

The plant comes in a variety of variations, meaning you’ll have some great choices to match your office’s decor. It’s ability to reduce airborne mold spore count also makes it a great candidate for sprucing up a bathroom. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe plants are known for flourishing without much maintenance. As succulents, they don’t require much more than bright light at least once a day. Succulents, part of the cactus family of plants, are well known for flourishing with little water. In fact, you should take care not to over-water your Aloe plant.

Check the soil periodically and moisten it once it has completely dried out. Other than that, your Aloe plant won’t ask for much in exchange for lending you it’s beauty and healing properties. Just plan to find a spot near a window for your Aloe. 

Small plants can make a huge difference in the way that your office space looks. They are able to clean out the air inside your office, and they make the perfect little friend when it comes to decorating.