5 Most Common Mistakes Tourists Make While Traveling in Greece

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During holiday time, everyone is thinking about the best places to take a break away from their busy lives, lay back, and enjoy some new sights and sounds. There are so many options for vacation spots around the world that could do this for you. One great place for vacation is along the Mediterranean. Greece is one of the most popular destinations in this region because of its many islands, including Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, or even Donousa, all reachable via ferry, from services like Let’s Ferry, and each offering different experiences that can take you a while to enjoy. 

After choosing to visit Greece, you may overlook a couple of things that may inconvenience you on your visit. Nobody wants to go through such a situation while on vacation. To avoid those mistakes, you need to know what they are and what you can do to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. You want the best vacation you could experience. Read on to know what to look out for. 

Thinking They Need to Pack a Lot of Clothes

When taking tours to Greece, people tend to carry more clothes than usual to mitigate any unsuspected weather conditions or other events that may arise while on vacation. In Greece, the challenge is that most of what you will be doing will need you to move with your luggage so if you pack heavy, you will have a tough time. Greece has rugged landscapes, hillsides, coastlines, and many steps (in Santorini) which would be an absolute inconvenience with heavy luggage especially since you may be walking most of the time. Better to pack light and have a carry-on which will make your movements much easier. Temperatures are relatively stable, remaining below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Expecting the Locals to Speak English

While English is common around the world, it may not be the best language to use while in Greece. When in Rome, it is advised that you do like the Romans do. Similarly, in Greece, speaking English to locals may come off as rude so to avoid haughty eyes, better to learn some Greek. It goes a long way to know some words to get you around and the Greeks will be more friendly for it. 

Carrying Too Little Cash

Credit cards make life easier for many people taking away the need to always carry cash. While they are convenient, they may not be very helpful in Greece. Some hotels and big restaurants accept credit cards but many remote areas, tavernas, and islands do not use credit cards. It is much better to withdraw cash from the ATM before venturing into the towns and islands. 

Not getting travel insurance 

Vacations in Greece can be rather expensive and can last a couple of weeks. It is the second most expensive travel destination in the world. considering this, it is important to have a solid travel insurance policy in case of any problems during your trip. Some of the benefits to look out for on the insurance include baggage loss, trip cancellation, trip delay and interruption, and medical expenses. 

Spending More Money on Food Than Spending It to See the Beautiful Sites

Greece has a lot of exotic and delicious foods to experience at the hotels and many of the restaurants on the islands. You may get caught up spending your money trying to get a taste or second taste of many of the foods served. There is much more to Greece than food including the islands and different sites on them so it is important to limit your food expenditure to avoid missing out on enjoying the sites. Enjoy the food moderately to experience more of the amazing sites. 

Expecting Everything to Be Cheap

While Greece may seem like a cheap destination, there are a lot of other things that will make the costs stack up. These include alcohol, hotels, and cigarettes. It is best to have a healthy budget so that you can afford great accommodation while being able to enjoy all the sites of Greece.


Making mistakes on your travels can happen to anyone but with some consideration, you can avoid the major ones on your visit to Greece. Some ways to avoid them include carrying enough cash, light luggage, planning for trips rather than food, and getting travel insurance. These will make your trip much more enjoyable. 

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